Jemeluk Beach

The view over Jemeluk’s tiny bay with impressive Mount Agung in the background is an iconic image of Bali. This place is located at the heart of Amed, a segment of the Island’s east coast reputed for its authenticity and quietness. Jemeluk indeed is a quiet place loved by travelers. Its bay also shelters one of the best snorkeling spots in the region: here, the reef drop-off it home to gorgeous coral formations and fish for every color of the rainbow, and it can be accessed directly from the beach.

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How to get there?

Jemeluk Beach is located on Amed Coast, less than 4 miles (6km) East of Culik. It is a 3 hours’ drive to the spot from Denpasar and Ngurah Rai International Airport. Most travelers use one of the various shuttle services available on the island, however if you decide to take the local bus remember that it only stops on Culik’s main road.

Water entrance

Walk to the beach’s eastern end (look for the Bali Amed Bluestar and Villa Coral). Enter the water facing the reef.

Aerial view


The exploration area covers the coral formations that grew over the eastern edge of the small bay (on your right when facing the sea). Here the reef drop-off is only 20 to 70 meters from the beach: you can access it by yourself, using fins.

The closest areas to the beach are shallow and coral don’t settle here (0.5-2m). Once in the water, head directly to the drop-off (2-6m): it is where marine life truly clusters. Coral formations are well preserved and you will most probably spot a wide variety of fish species. Schools of hundreds of green chromis and bright yellow damselfish stay above finger coral. Small, unfearful platax shoals seem to prefer the shadows of the drop-off. Lined surgeonfish, emperor angelfish, sixbar wrasse and white-spotted boxfish are amongst the other species you will most probably come across during your exploration.

Snorkeling Jemeluk Bay Bali
View on Jemeluk Bay, Amed

The best preserved areas of the reef are for fit swimmers only: swim along the drop-off towards the North-East, until the viewpoint located over Jemeluk Beach (see map above).

Be careful when in the water, since many small fishing boats move over the area. Unfortunately, as often along Indonesia shores the spot can be polluted by plastic bags, bottles and other floating pieces of garbage brought along by tides.

Restaurants and accommodation

In Jemeluk Beach, and more generally over the whole of Amed Coast, you will find a wide variety of accommodation options fitting all budgets. Several cafes and restaurants are settled directly on the beach, just in front of the spot.

Snorkeling Report gives the most precise tips possible about the snorkeling spots and potential dangers, but each one of us is responsible for our own safety in the water. For more information, take a look at the snorkeling safety page. If you want to add extra information or make any corrections to the spot descriptions, please contact us.

Spot’s weather forecasts (°C)

Spot tips

  • Type of spot
  • Level of difficulty
    All levels
  • Maximum depth
    6ft on the reef flat, 30ft on the drop-off
  • Water entrance
    Easy, from a sandy beach
  • Lifeguard
  • Visitor numbers
  • Access costs
  • Restaurants nearby
    Yes, budget

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  • Catlin

    Little snorkeling experience/knowledge yet, but great fan ! We have only 1 day to enjoy snorkeling in Bali. We have to choose between Jemuluk beach/ Amed or Gili. Gili will cost us a lot of transport time.
    1. Is Amed a worthy alternative?
    2. What about the “disturbing currents” and the pollution?
    3. Can this also be a problem in Gili ?
    4. How can you inform you about these conditions, so to make a choice at the moment itself?
    Thanks for any help/advice ! Catlin

  • Catlin

    Petite expérience de plongée en apnée / connaissance encore, mais grand fan! Nous avons seulement 1 jour pour profiter de la plongée en apnée à Bali. Nous devons choisir entre la plage de Jemuluk / Amed ou Gili. Gili va nous coûter beaucoup de temps de transport.
    1. Amed est-il une alternative valable?
    2. Qu’en est-il des «courants perturbateurs» et de la pollution?
    3. Est-ce que cela peut aussi être un problème à Gili?
    4. Comment pouvez-vous vous informer sur ces conditions, afin de faire un choix en ce moment même?
    Merci pour toute aide / conseil! Catlin