Amazingly diverse and yet wonderfully uncrowded, Melanesia offers a wide range of pristine marine ecosystems. Between New Caledonia’s lagoon (the largest in the world), the 900 remote and pristine islands of the Solomon, or the reefs of the Fiji (also known as “the soft coral capital of the world”), this region boasts an astounding marine biodiversity. The hardest part of your next snorkeling trip to Melanesia may be to choose your destination!

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Snorkeling destinations en Melanesia

Solomon Islands

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Looking for some of the world’s most pristine and unspoilt snorkeling? The warm, clear waters of the Solomon Islands offer year-round snorkeling in what’s often referred as the Coral Triangle, the area that possesses the world’s highest levels of marine biodiversity. In these relatively remote islan (...)

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Known as the “soft coral capital of the world” Fiji is home to healthy and thriving reefs, found almost everywhere around its more than 300 tropical islands. There, shallow coral gardens showcase an incredible diversity of reef fish, including angelfish, clownfish, butterflyfish, but also big marine (...)
New Caledonia

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Located at the heart of South Pacific, New Caledonia is blessed with the world’s largest lagoon, offering infinite snorkeling opportunities. Although you will probably start by snorkeling from the shore around Nouméa, you shouldn’t leave New Caledonia without having explored some of the islets and r (...)