Get the right camera and take beautiful pictures!

Colorful fish, strange creatures, mesmerizing underwater scapes… The underwater world abounds in captivating subjects for photography. The cameras for underwater shooting have never been so high-performance and affordable and from now on everyone can come home with beautiful images from their snorkeling sessions.

For pictures, choose compact waterproof cameras, while the action cams remain the safe bet for videos. These items, which can be used at snorkeling depth without a waterproof case, are all compact and light.

Olympus TG line, Snorkeling Report’s choice

We are often asked which camera we take our photos with. At Snorkeling Report, we have been using Olympus TG cameras since our beginnings to make our photo reports.

Our first camera was a TG2, released in 2013, and it still works great, although it has some micro-cracks on the metal parts. Considering our intensive use (it has dived hundreds of times, from Tahiti to Indonesia, and from Guadeloupe to Australia), we can say it is rather very resistant! Since then, we have also bought a TG5 and a TG6, the latest release of the brand.

Image rendering is great in underwater mode, especially at shallow depth and without flash. To be honest, it would be difficult to switch to another model! To help you if you are new to underwater photography, you can check our tips for taking snorkeling photos.

Underwater picture made with Olympus TG

Example of a picture taken with an Olympus TG2 in N’Gouja (Mayotte), not edited. When you can get a good luminosity and stay stable in the water, the result is great, even with older cameras.


Behind the scene – here, Guillaume is taking a picture of a pelagic stingray from the surface of the sea at Cala Almadabra (near Benidorm, Spain) with an Olympus TG6.

What about videos?

In recent years, we have also started making short videos of our underwater explorations, which you can find for example on our YouTube channel.

All our videos are made with different GoPro models (the current one is a GoPro Hero 8, which is the action cams reference), most often simply mounted on a pole. In our opinion, the GoPro offers the best compromise between size and image quality and is the ideal companion for snorkeling.

We especially love filming in high frequency (up to 60 images per second in 4K – or 240 images per second in 1080p) which then allows you to edit superb slow motion (useful when dealing with fast swimming fish).

This video has been made with a GoPro on different locations in New Caledonia (for example, the green sea turtles have been shot in wonderful Îlot Amédée), simply handled with a pole or put down on the seabed.


Behind the scene – here, Guillaume is filming a shoal of yellow-tail grunt with a GoPro at Bartolome Island, in Galápagos archipelago. Aside, a screenshot of the video, that you can see on YouTube.

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