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Marine de Negru is a small beach nestled on the steep coast of Cap Corse. Here, cliffs dive into crystal-clear waters, shaping an interesting rock wall. Underwater life doesn’t thrive here, but snorkelers come here to try to spot a stingray, a common dentex or a dusky grouper at the foot of the drop-off. The important water depth makes it a spot for experienced snorkelers only.

Roughtail stingray at Marine de Negru, Cap Corse peninsula
Stingray (here, a roughtail stingray, Dasyatis centroura) are sometimes spotted in Marine de Negru.

How to get to Marine de Negru snorkeling spot?

Marine de Negru (Negru beach) is located in the Gulf of Saint-Florent, on Cap Corse west coast. It is a 20 minute-drive from Saint-Florent (15km away) and a 50 minute-drive from Bastia (30km away). After leaving road D80, park in the hamlet and walk down to the pebble beach.

Marine de Negru snorkeling map, Corsica

Water entrance for snorkeling Marine de Negru

The recommended snorkel area is located on the north side of the beach (on your right when facing the sea). Walk to the northern tip of the beach and enter the water next to the rocks.

Marine de Negru snorkeling exploration tips

The snorkeling area follows the cliffs extending at the northern tip of the beach. As you fin towards the cliffs, you will first swim over shallow rocky areas (↕1-2m). Some rocks are covered with yellow algae, and there are a few small Posidonia patches here and there.

This shallow, sunbathed area doesn’t teem with fish but a few wrasses, as well as common two-banded seabream, can still be spotted.

Rocky drop off at Marine de Negru
Marine de Negru rocky drop off, seen from the coastal road.

As you swim further along the coast, you will soon arrive at the gorgeous rocky drop-off the spot is famed for. True underwater cliffs steeply fall on a rocky seabed located about 6-10 meters below the water surface.

The waterscape is stunning on sunny days, as bright light fully reveals deep blue crystal-clear waters. This part of the spot does not teem with fish either, but it can allow interesting encounters.

Lucky ones will indeed occasionally spot a roughtail stingray, a common dentex or even a small dusky grouper in this area where fishing and spearfishing are not allowed.

Neptune grass beds snorkeling Marine de Negru
Some Neptune grass patches can be found in Marine de Negru shallowest areas.

As water depth is important at the cliff’s foot, this spot is not advised to beginners and children. Marine de Negru’s northern side is generally well sheltered from waves and currents, however, never enter the water in rough sea conditions or if a western wind is blowing. Mind not to get too close to the cliffs, as rocks sometimes tumble down.

Accommodation and restaurants near Negru

A few bed and breakfasts and a restaurant (Le Farniente, overlooking the southern side of the beach) are set in Marine de Negru.


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