North America, surrounded by three oceans, offers a captivating and diverse underwater experience. Its vast underwater space makes it a unique destination, marked by stunning natural landscapes and a wide diversity of marine environments.

The Caribbean Sea, which touches parts of Florida and Mexico, is, without doubt, a must for snorkeling in North America. Nurse sharks, green turtles, barracuda, and a wide range of tropical fish all swim among the Caribbean’s coral reefs.

From the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys to the rugged coastlines of California and the pristine beaches of Hawaii, there are countless picturesque locations to explore and snorkel in. When looking for high-quality snorkeling spots, the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico cannot be beat.

North America boasts well-developed tourism infrastructure, making snorkeling easily accessible for visitors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experiences snorkeler, the continent’s costal waters offer an abundance of unforgettable adventure waiting to be discovered. 


Snorkeling destinations in North America


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Looking for new scenery and adventure? Leave the warm seas for a moment to explore the underwater world of Canada. There are few spots in this huge country, but each one is unique, both hostile and captivating. Those who dare to dive in its cold waters will discover wrecks covered with sea anemones, (...)

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From the kaleidoscopic coral reefs that fringe the Keys region, to the freshwater springs where manatees congregate in winter months, Florida offers you a variety of choices for your next snorkeling vacation. Florida is the only continental U.S. state where the tropical climate provides ideal condit (...)

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Bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of California, Mexico introduces snorkelers to an extraordinary diversity of underwater environments. The Riviera Maya, in particular, offers an unequalled diversity of snorkeling spots. Lose yourself into the clear emerald green waters of a cenote near Tulum (...)