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Located at the border of the Komodo National Park, Komodo Resort is considered one of the best gateways to the archipelago. Its house reef encompasses sand flats, seagrass beds, coral outcrops and a stunning reef drop-off. This reef holds thousands of unique species of marine life, including sea turtles, eagle rays, anemonefish, angelfish and lots of other lovely creatures.

Spinecheek anemonefish at the Komodo Resort
Anemonefish are easy to spot at Komodo Resort. Here, a spinecheek anemonefish.

How to get to the Komodo Resort snorkeling spot

The Komodo Resort is located on Sebayur Island in the middle of the Komodo Archipelago. The resort is accessed via a 30 to 45-minute journey by ferry or a dive boat that is operated by the resort.

These vessels runs from Labuan Bajo port, which is 15 minutes from the Komodo International Airport on the Island of East Nusa Tenggara. The area can also be visited by using a dive/snorkeling boat operating from another resort or from Labuan Bajo port.

Komodo Resort snorkeling map, Sebayur, Indonesia

Water entrance for snorkeling Komodo Resort

Several entry points exist along the resort frontage. Three of these (points 2, 3 and 4 on the map above) are from shore and can only be accessed at mid-tide or above, due to the risk of damaging the reef in shallower waters. The easiest access point on all states of tide is the jetty (point 1 on the map) but pay attention to your exit point, as the tidal currents can be strong at times.

What to see while you are at the Komodo Resort

The resort has a house reef with a beach frontage of approximately 500 yards. The reef extends both further south and north of the beach. The reef faces west in the north, gradually facing southwest, at its southernmost point.

Seagrass beds are extensive in the shallow waters, particularly to the north and south of the resort frontage. These seagrass beds merge into mixed seagrass, coral outcrop and coral debris areas. Interspersed between these beds are shallow water sands with sporadic coral outcrops. The latter are more extensive near the jetty.

Seagrass, coral debris and patches of the Stalked Alcyonarian amongst live coral.
Seagrass, coral debris and patches of the Stalked Alcyonarian amongst live coral.

To the north of the area large patches of Blue Coral (Heliopora sp.) are located. These patches separate the mixed seagrass and coral debris, inshore, from the offshore Acropora reef. The Acropora coral creates the top of the reef before it drops off to depths greater than 10 yards.


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The reef top is attractive to significant shoals of fish, particularly multiple Chromis species and the ubiquitous Sergeant Major. It also hosts numerous colorful species, including Clownfish and Butterflyfish, as well as more unusual species such as the Orange-dotted Tuskfish

An Anchor Tuskfish over the top of the coral on Komodo Resort's house reef.
An Orange-dotted Tuskfish over the top of the coral on the house reef.

Another area of interest is around the jetty, which attracts many shoals of larger fish including Blackspot Snapper and Golden Spadefish. Be aware that boats frequently use this jetty, so pay attention to the instructions given by the staff on duty.

The other habitat of interest on the house reef is the small patch of Mangrove. These trees create an ideal environment for juvenile species of many sorts, and you might spot the interesting little Pyjama Cardinal fish hiding in the Mangrove roots.

Well camouflaged Pyjama Cardinals, which can be found on the main reef and amongst the Mangrove roots.
Well-camouflaged Pyjama Cardinals can be found on the main reef and amongst the Mangrove roots.

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Restaurants and accommodation nearby

The Komodo Resort and Dive Club has 22 rooms, all on the beachfront. It also has a restaurant and a separate bar.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth10ft/3m on the flat, +30ft/10m on the drop-off
  • Water entranceFrom a jetty or a beach
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsCost of a stay at the Komodo Resort
  • Restaurants nearbyYes

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