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Ras Mohammed National Park, considered the most beautiful marine protected area in the Red Sea, is a must for any snorkeling trip to Sharm el-Sheikh. The park is  one of Egypt’s most renowned marine conservation areas.

Located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, this region offers snorkelers a unique opportunity to explore seven interconnected pools formed by coral formations, hence the name “Seven Pools.” 

Several snorkeling locations, including Seven Pools spot, allow you to discover the marine life of the park. This series of patch reefs is located in a remote area of the park and features a kaleidoscope of colorful fish swimming in translucent water.

Snorkelers can expect to encounter an extraordinary diversity of marine life in these pools, including colorful coral formations, schools of tropical fish, and an array of fascinating underwater creatures such as moray eels, lionfish, and sea turtles. The crystal-clear waters and excellent visibility make it an ideal spot for snorkeling and underwater photography.

The park’s strict conservation efforts have helped preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of this area, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly immersive and awe-inspiring snorkeling experience in the Red Sea.


Reef fish in Seven Pools, Egypt
Many fish, including the Sohal surgeonfish, swim on the flats.

How to get to the Seven Pools snorkeling spot

Seven Pools is one of the main snorkeling spots visited by boat tours to Ras Mohamed National Park. Most snorkeling tours to Seven Pools depart from Sharm el-Sheikh marina, south of the city, and combine reef snorkeling with a visit to nearby White Island. Due to the hour or hour and a half boat trip to reach the location , tours usually last the whole day (approximately 9 am to 4 pm).

Seven Pools snorkeling map, Ras Mohammed National Park

Water entrance for snorkeling Seven Pools

Water entrance is directly from the boat, near shallow reefs.

Seven Pools snorkeling exploration tips

Seven Pools location features a series of small patch reefs, measuring between 32 and 65 yards in diameter on average. The reefs, on which don’t exceed a depth of 6 feet, emerge from deeper areas.

Colorful fish and coral at Seven Pools
Kaleidoscopic underwater scenery awaits in Seven Pools shallows.

Seven Pools allows snorkelers to enjoy incredible biodiversity of Ras Mohammed National Park’s reefs. Clinging to slopes and drop-offs, the corals create exceptional scenery. The reefs attract an impressive density of fish, including clouds of thousands of brightly-colored sea goldies.

Coral hind in Ras Mohammed National Park
A coral hind in Seven Pools.

Snorkeling over the reefs, you will be able to spot a wide range of colorful fish, some endemic to the Red Sea. The rusty parrotfish, the coral hind, the Red Sea bannerfish and the threadfin butterflyfish are easy to encounter throughout the area.

At this location, the underwater visibility is usually perfect, with almost no waves.

Coral reef at Seven Pools
Seven Pools reef.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

Day trips to Ras Mohammed National Park usually include lunch and drinks, but confirm this  when you book.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Protected areaRas Mohammed National Park
  • Maximum depth6ft/2m on the reef top, 30ft/10m around
  • Water entranceFrom a boat
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsCost of a snorkeling day tour from Sharm el-Sheikh

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These spots are accessible to anyone with basic snorkeling skills, and feeling comfortable in the water and with his snorkeling gear. You will enter the water from the shore (beach, pontoon, ladder, rocks) or from a boat. The water height in the sea entrance area is reasonable, but you will not necessarily be within your depth. Moderate currents can occur in the area, even when the sea conditions are good. The distance to swim to reach the most interesting snorkeling areas of the spot does not exceed 200 meters.

This level only apply when the spot experiences optimal sea and/or weather conditions. It is not applicable if the sea and/or weather conditions deteriorate, in particular in the presence of rough sea, rain, strong wind, unusual current, large tides, waves and/or swell. You can find more details about the definition of our snorkeling levels on our snorkeling safety page.