Last update: October 4th 2020

1. Scope

The use of website is subject to acceptance of these Terms of use, which are intended to define the conditions of access and use of this website and all services available through it, except to the extent that such services are subject to a separate contract.

By using the website and/or services offered, the User accepts and agrees to be bound and abide, without reserve, by these Terms of use. Should he disagree to these Terms of use, the User should not use the Website or any services offered on it and close the website in his browser.

2. Definitions

The purpose of this clause is to define the essential terms of the present Terms of use :

  • User : any person who uses the Website or any services offered hereof.
  • User content: any data transmitted by the User on the website.
  • Member: an User who has created a personal account on the website and therefore identified on it.
  • Login/Username and password : These terms refer to the required information for the identification of a User on the website. The login and password allow the User to access additional functionalities reserved for website’s Members. The password is confidential.

3. Access to the service

The website is free of charge for any User with an Internet access. All costs related to the website access, whether material costs, software or Internet access/services are the sole responsibility of the User. He is solely liable for the proper functioning of his computer equipment as well as his access to the Internet.

Certain sections of the website are reserved to the Members, after identification through the Username and Password. Snorkeling Report reserves the right to deny access to this website, in its sole discretion and with no prior notice for any User that breaches the Terms of use herein.

Snorkeling Report takes all reasonable measures at its disposal to ensure quality access to the service, but is bound by no obligation to do so.

4. Intellectual property rights

Planet Snorkeling Inc. is the holder of all intellectual property rights and/or operating rights of the website, particularly in respect of copyright, database right, trademark law, and the law of designs.

Any copy, modification, distribution or dissemination of data and graphic elements of the website is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of the Publishing Director of Snorkeling Report.

5. User content submitted to the website

Several sections of allow Users and/or Members to send/upload/post content to the website. The User content includes: sending information, photos/images and advice on snorkeling spots via the “add a spot” form; uploading photos in photo galleries on each spot page; posting photos in the comment areas of the website.

By sending photos/images via the “add a spot” form or by uploading photos/images on the Website, the User certifies and guarantees to hold all copyright in said photos/images as well as the express consent of the persons possibly represented/depicted.

By sending photos/images via the “add a spot” form, the User authorizes Snorkeling Report to publish, edit, adapt or modify all or part of the uploaded photos / images, and this only for purposes of illustration of the pages of website. On express agreement from their author, these photos/images can also be published on Snorkeling Report pages present on social networks.

By sending, posting or uploading photos/images, the User accepts to bear full moral and legal responsibility for all lawsuits made by any third party as a result of the posting and use of these photos/images by Snorkeling Report.

The User who uploaded photos/images ensures the content has no illegal, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, objectionable or inappropriate character; does not infringe the rights of any third party (rights of intellectual property, copyrights or rights of privacy); and is relevant to the page on which the photo is uploaded (a photo/image added in a photo gallery of a snorkeling spot must have been taken specifically on this spot).

Any photo/image that does not meet the aforementioned criteria will not be published and/or may be deleted at any time by Snorkeling Report without prior notice.


The website allows the User to post comments in dedicated comment areas. The User is committed to not publish any illegal, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, threatening, insulting or inappropriate comment.

Links to other commercial or assimilated websites are not authorized in the comment areas.

Any comments that do not meet the aforementioned criteria will not be published and/or may be deleted at any time by Snorkeling Report without prior notice.

7. Personal data protection

To protect the User’s personal data, Snorkeling Report has defined a policy of confidentiality and data protection, available here.

8. Limitation of liability

Snorkeling Report aims to provide the User with information, tips/advice, reviews and graphic elements (photos, satellite views, maps) to prepare his snorkeling session.

All the information contained in the website is provided in good faith, but without any guarantee as to the accuracy thereof, which is only indicative and non-contractual.

The User agrees that the provided information, especially the information on recommended snorkeling areas and the information on the minimum snorkeling levels required for each spot, do not substitute under any circumstances to:

  • His physical condition, swim level, snorkeling experience, or local knowledge.
  • His individual weather, sea conditions and potential hazards assessment of the snorkeling spot before entering the water.
  • His knowledge of local laws and regulations, including regulated areas, wildlife interaction, protected species and dive flag laws.

The User also understands that snorkeling spots are part of a wild environment and that their aspect can quickly and significantly be altered, and that Snorkeling Report cannot guarantee that the underwater visibility and the seabed aspect will be exactly as described on the website the day the User will snorkel the spot.

Snorkeling Report and/or Planet Snorkeling Inc. cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any damage, accident or offense that would occur as a result of consulting the data, advice/tips, maps and other graphic and written information found on the Website.

9. Links to third parties and affiliate disclosures contains hyperlinks to other websites edited and/or managed by third parties. Inasmuch as no control is performed over these external materials, the User acknowledges and agrees that Snorkeling Report disclaims any liability/assumes no responsibility for the provision of these links, and cannot be held liable for their content.

The Snorkeling Report website contains affiliate links which means that using these links to make purchases may result in us earning a small commission from your purchase.

Here is a list of affiliates with whom we hold accounts. This list may change from time to time without notice.

Amazon Services LLC
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Links on this website may automatically be generated through algorithmic software controlled by our affiliate partners. The appearance of links on this website does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service by The Snorkeling Report website or any of its functionaries or associates. Purchasing of any products through the links on this website is the sole discretion and responsibility of the purchaser.

10. Modification of the Terms of use

Snorkeling Report reserves the right to revise and/or amend and/or modify these Terms of use at any time. Snorkeling Report will inform Users as they come into force by publishing the changes on the website. 

Snorkeling Report reserves the right to modify, at any time, the presentation, configuration or location of the Website.

11. Languages

The original version of these Terms of use is in English. The French translation is only provided as a courtesy and is not evidence. In case of dispute over the content or interpretation of these Terms of use or in the event of inconsistency or difference between the English version and the French version, the English version prevails.

12. Governing law and jurisdiction

Snorkeling Report is edited by Planet Snorkeling Inc., a Florida Corporation. In case of any dispute/claim arising out of the present Terms of use, Planet Snorkeling Inc. and the User will endeavor to provide an amicable solution. Otherwise, the dispute will be brought before US courts.