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Playa de Maro is one of the best beaches in Andalusia. In this small bay, surrounded by grassy hills, water is crystal clear, and the rocky outcrops in either end of the beach are rich in marine life.

View of Playa de Maro, Spain
Playa de Maro.

How to get to Playa de Maro?

Playa de Maro is located near Nerja, approximately 50 kilometers east of Malaga. Follow the “Nerja” signs on the coastal highway (E15/A7, Autovia del Mediterráneo) and take the “Nerja-Maro” exit (nr.295). Playa de Maro is well signposted.

If you visit the area in summer, get there early if you want to find a parking space along the road, close to the beach. If not, you may have to park 1000 meters from the beach and walk 15 to 20 minutes to reach the spot.

Playa de Maro snorkeling map, Spain

Getting into the water to snorkel at Playa de Maro

There are two areas to explore at Playa de Maro. They are at either end of the beach, around 300 yards apart. Enter the water directly from the beach (where the first rocks are). If you want to explore both sides, it is better to get out of the water and walk on the beach to the other end.

Playa de Maro snorkeling tips and recommendations

In the area, the seabed is rocky, sprinkled with small patches of Posidonia (↕6-12ft/2-4m). Life is at its most abundant along the rocky outcrops on either side of the bay. It is easy to come across the highly colorful Mediterranean rainbow wrasse, ornate wrasse, or the painted comber.

The central part of the spot, in front of the beach, consists of a white sandy area, which is poor in marine life (↕6-30ft/2-8m).

School of salema porgy at Playa de Maro
Large schools of salema porgy can be seen at this location.

This small beach is overcrowded during weekends and summer months. Too many swimmers in the water can alter visibility in the shallow areas. Move further from the shore to enjoy clearer waters, but be very careful: kayaks and swimmers can still disturb your experience at any time.

Striped bream at Playa de Maro
Seabream from different species photographed near the beach.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

On the beach, you will find a restaurant and bar, where you can buy some drinks, ice creams and snacks.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth30ft/8m
  • Water entranceEasy, from a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersKayaks
  • Visitor numbersHigh
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearbyYes

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