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The small reef of Mexico Rocks emerges from the middle of Ambergis Caye lagoon. It is found to be a perfect spot to discover the underwater world of Belize from its shallow depths. Not only can you find small colorful fish, you can also spot huge moray eels, sharks, and rays- all within 3 meters from the sea floor.

Hawksbill sea turtle at Mexico Rocks, Belize
Hawksbill sea turtles sometimes visit Mexico Rocks area.

How to get to Mexico Rocks snorkeling spot?

Mexico Rocks is easily located in the lagoon, north of San Pedro. You can go there through boat tours that last a few hours, often combining Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos snorkeling spots (around $50 per person, with National Park tax included).

Mexico Rocks snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Mexico Rocks

You can enter into the water directly off your boat.

Mexico Rocks snorkeling exploration

While exploring Mexico Rocks, you can see its small reefs surrounded by seagrass beds. Founded by its moderate depth (↕1.5-3m), it is situated halfway between the island and the coral reef.

Green moray eel at Mexico Rocks, Belize
Green moray eels, used to be fed by some boats, are tame at this spot.

Here, the reefs are rather degraded, but we are still able find extraordinary areas of massive coral, brain coral, and a wide variety of gorgonians. We can also spot a few colored sponges attached to the reef. Around this coral reef lies grand areas of seagrass beds, where you can see queen conchs, the well-known symbolic shell of the underwater meadows in the Caribbean.

Mexico Rocks is one of the most popular spots to visit in the region. Due to the feedings practiced by certain boats, many species inhabit or frequent the reef. In particular, you can see huge green moray eels, nurse sharks, and Southern stingrays which are more friendly and don’t hesitate to approach very close to fellow snorkelers in the area. If you have the chance, you might see a spotted eagle ray or a turtle cross the seagrass bed, which are two less common species that can also be found in these waters. Also commonly found here are lobsters (spotted by their long antennas peaking from their hidings in the overhangs of the reef), gray angelfish, and porkfish.

Coral reef at Mexico Rocks, Belize
Mexico Rocks huge gorgonian offer shelter to many reef fish.

This spot is suitable for beginners, as you can spot exceptional species just from the surface of the water. Although it is located in the lagoon, this area can sometimes be less ideal when it is too windy.

Restaurants and accommodation near Mexico Rocks

Tours to Mexico Rocks can be arranged from virtually any hotel in Ambergris Caye.


  • Level required Intermediary
  • Maximum depth10ft/3m
  • Water entranceFrom a boat
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsSnorkeling tour price (from $50pp)

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