Leave the savannah of Eastern Africa behind you for a while and make for the coast, since this continent has many surprises in store under the water too. From the clownfish of Zanzibar coral reefs to the seals and kelp forests of South Africa, via the sea-horses of the lagoons of Mozambique, Africa is an infinite field of exploration for snorkeling fans.

Snorkeling destinations in Africa


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With its seagrass meadows and coral reefs protected by several parks and marine reserves, Kenya is one of the best destinations in mainland Africa for snorkeling. At many shallow water spots, snorkelers can encounter sea turtles, colourful starfish, clownfish in their anemones, angelfish, and dozens (...)

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Still little known and away from the main tourist circuits, Mozambique is nevertheless one of the most beautiful snorkeling destinations in Africa. The mainland coast and the country's islands are full snorkeling spots, many off the beaten track. Whether you dream of swimming alongside a whale shark (...)
South Africa

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With approximately 1700 miles of coastline opening on to two oceans (the Atlantic and the Indian) and its different climate areas, South Africa offers a wide range of underwater environments. Of course, the South African coastline has no shallow coral reef, but it has instead seagrass meadows, rocky (...)

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White sand, turquoise blue water, and swaying coconut trees: Zanzibar archipelago, just off the African coast, is a tropical paradise. Its coastline, although overcrowded in some areas, offers good snorkeling, both from the beach and on the surrounding islets. Multicolored starfish, clownfish, butte (...)