Leave the savannah of Eastern Africa behind you for a while and make for the coast, since this continent has many surprises in store under the water too. From the clownfish of Zanzibar coral reefs to the seals and kelp forests of South Africa, via the sea-horses of the lagoons of Mozambique, Africa is an infinite field of exploration for snorkeling fans.

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Snorkeling destinations in Africa

South Africa

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With approximately 1700 miles of coastline opening on to two oceans (the Atlantic and the Indian) and its different climate areas, South Africa offers a wide range of underwater environments. Of course, the South African coastline has no shallow coral reef, but it has instead seagrass meadows, rocky (...)

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Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania boast some of the world’s most biologically diverse habitats – above and below the surface. While some decent snorkeling spots are accessible from mainland, you will need to head to the islands off the coast, and particularly the Zanzibar archipelago, to discov (...)