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At the northernmost point of the Gulf of Aqaba, Eilat’s North Beach is home to the Sun Boat, a wreck sitting 330 yards off the shore. Although the wreck is too deep to be fully enjoyed from the surface, this location is worth visiting if you stay a few days in Eilat. In addition to the Sun Boat, snorkelers will explore seagrass beds where emperors, puffers and lionfish are easy to spot.

North Beach, Eilat
The snorkeling area seen from the beach. The Sun Boat is just 16 yards to left of the yellow buoy you can see in the distance.

How to get to the Sun Boat/North Beach snorkeling spot?

The North Beach of Eilat is nestled in the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is an almost enclosed part of the Red sea. It hosts the Sun Boat, a wreck sitting approximately 330 yards off HaDatiyim Beach.

There is a lot of free parking available right next to the beach. Public transport bus stop is also available about 650 yards from the water entrance.

North Beach & The Sun Boat Wreck snorkeling map
North Beach & The Sun Boat Wreck snorkeling map.

Water entrance for snorkeling the Sun Boat & North Beach

We recommend entering the water just south of HaDatiyim Beach, as this snorkel entry is right in front of the Sun Boat wreck. The gently sloping sandy beach allows for easy water entrance.

Snorkeling is available at this spot throughout the year, with water temperatures ranging between 71.6 °F  in the winter and 82.4°F in the summer. However, due to the great distance between the shore and the wreck, and the depth in most of the area, it is not recommended for beginner snorkelers. If you can, try to visit this spot with a buddy who already snorkeled the location and knows the entrances.

The Sun Boat/North Beach snorkeling exploration tips

At North Beach, the depth gradient is quite mild, and seagrass beds are usually found from 2 to 20 yards. There are also a few wrecks, coral nurseries and artificial reefs.

Coral and damselfish on the wreck
Many small corals are fixed on the wreck.

The deepest wreck is the Sun Boat, a 32-yard long wreck that is sitting at a maximum depth of 20 yards. It is found just 16 yards to the left of the yellow buoy which is in front of the snorkel entry.

The wreck is quite deep, which makes it difficult to be enjoyed from the surface.  But you will still notice some fish, including anemonefish and damselfish, around the tip of the mainmast, just 5 yards below the surface.

Lionfish at the Sun Boat
The lionfish is very common at North Beach.

Although healthy corals are scarce at this location, it has amazing and healthy patches of seagrass beds. North Beach is the only area in Eilat where you can snorkel this specific environment.

As for fauna, this area is considered a habitat for rays, mostly stingrays and spotted eagle rays. There are also many invertebrates and fish living in the seagrass beds such as lionfish, spangled emperor, pufferfish and wrasse.

School of spangled emperors above seagrass beds
A school of spangled emperors noted above the seagrass beds.

Visibility is usually good, although it is better in the morning and can reach a bit more than 10 yards.

Caution: some anglers fish at this spot so watch out for fishing lines and speed boats. On days with strong north winds, it is better not to go too far south because getting back to shore will be difficult. Snorkeling further than 330 yards from shore should be conducted with a dive flag.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

A food truck is available on the beach. The resorts area, which begins just 440 yards west to the snorkeling spot, features dozens of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.


  • Level required Advanced
  • Maximum depth60 feet/18 meters
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersBoat traffic, currents
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsFree

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