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The excursion to Stingray City is the most popular in Antigua. Here you can swim and interact with stingrays. They are used to human presence, and will let you stroke them and will come into your arms in their quest for food. Stingray City is a commercial spot and purists will no doubt steer clear of it, but this is still a great chance to encounter stingrays.

Snorkeling with stingray at Stingray City, Antigua

How to get to Stingray City in Antigua?

Stingray City is a privately owned site. The only way to visit it is to join a tour organised by the company of the same name, which manages the site (website here). If you go on your own, it will cost about $50 per person for a round trip by boat and one hour on site with the stingrays. In this case, you will have to get there under your own steam from the small Mercers Creek Bay quay, where the boats set off to reach the snorkeling spot.

This excursion is also sold to the hundreds of cruise passengers arriving each day in Antigua. The price can double (about $100 per person) but includes a round-trip transfer to the quay.

Entering the water in Stingray City

You enter the water from wooden platforms set up next to the water. Follow your guide’s instructions.

Stingray City snorkeling map, Antigua

Stingray City snorkeling exploration

Stingray City is made up of a sandy lagoon where the water level is constant (5ft/1-1.5m), and is sheltered by a coral reef.

The trip is well organized: as soon as you are in the water, the stingrays will come to greet you. They are used to being fed, and are particularly tactile and insistent. Most of them are a large specimens (spanning over 3 feet). You can choose either to explore the area (marked out by buoys) alone or, with the help of a guide, to go and feed the stingrays and pose for the traditional souvenir photo. While you are sure to see stingrays, if you move away from the crowds, you may also come across shoals of jacks, boxfish or small barracudas.

Snorkeling with stingray at Stingray City, Antigua

Of course, the stingrays are completely free here, but their natural wild character has been changed by feeding, so that Stingray City sometimes seems more like an open-air aquarium than a natural environment. You may also find the hyper-efficient organisation somewhat frustrating, even though the atmosphere is very pleasant atmosphere. If you like wide-open spaces, wildlife and snorkeling in complete freedom, then you should go elsewhere.

Don’t forget that the rays have a fearsome sting that can cause sometimes fatal injuries. Incidents (ray stings) are sometimes reported at this spot. Be alert, handle the stingrays with care and make sure you never step on a ray.

Snorkeling with stingray at Stingray City, Antigua

Restaurants & accommodation nearby

Stingray City is located on a reef, so there are no restaurants or accommodation on site. The excursions generally include drinks.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth5ft/1.5m
  • Water entranceEasy, from wooden platforms
  • Potential DangersStingrays
  • LifeguardYes
  • Visitor numbersHigh
  • Access costsFrom $50pp.
  • Restaurants nearbyNo
  • Public toilets & showersNo

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