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The Etocs Archipelago, in the south of Finistère, is one of the best spots in Brittany for snorkeling with grey seals. Attracted by the rocky islets and the fishy waters of the small archipelago, a dozen seals have settled in this protected area. By kayak or paddle, head to the islets and jump into the water to swim with these inquisitive creatures!

Grey seals on rocky islet
At low tide, the seals usually rest on the rocks.

How to go snorkeling with seals in the Etocs?

Tiny Etocs archipelago is located about two miles off Penmarc’h, at the southern tip of the Audierne Bay. We recommend you to get there by kayak or paddle with a local guide. They charge around 40 euros per person for a half-day trip (2022).

Most of the tours to the islets depart from Kérity slipway or Penmarc’h Nautical Center. Discuss the details of the trip with your guide before booking, and make sure that it includes snorkeling and not just seal watching from the kayak/paddle.

Etocs archipelago snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling with seals in the Etocs

You will enter the water from your paddle or kayak, once on the islets. A small anchor allows securing kayaks and paddles near the rocks.

Tips for snorkeling with seals in the Etocs Archipelago

The Etocs archipelago is made of dozens of small islets and rocks, which extend for almost a kilometer from east to west. The depth is moderate in the area, from less than a meter (3ft) near the rocks to about 3-4 m (10-12ft) in the channels between the islets.

Encounter with grey seal in Etocs archipelago
Grey seals can be very inquisitive and get close to the snorkelers.

The tour usually starts at low tide, so that you can first spot the seals resting on the rocks. When the tide starts rising, the seals go into the water: it is the right time to join them in the sea!

A few dozen seals have settled in the Etocs. You will have a good chance to spot them during your tour, but they are sometimes absent from the area. Whether you are on your kayak/paddle or in the water, always keep a reasonable distance from the animals (about 50m). Seals being very curious, they may come to greet you underwater.

Grey seal in Etocs archipelago
A grey seal in the Etocs archipelago.

While snorkeling the Etocs archipelago, you’ll get the opportunity to spot many fish and invertebrates, such as lobsters and spider crabs, which are common in the sheltered rocky beds.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

The Etocs are small uninhabited islets, located in the heart of a protected area. Some tours allow picnicking on the rocks before going swimming with the seals.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Maximum depth15ft/5m
  • Water entranceFrom a kayak, a paddle or a small boat
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsCost of a snorkeling tour

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