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Les Pontons Suspendus is one of the best locations to snorkel Lake Annecy and discover its aquatic life. Located near the city center and easily accessible, don’t hesitate to check it out if you’re staying in the area. Around the pontoons and all along the shore, you will spot aquatic plants, several species of freshwater fish (perch, tench, roach, blenny) and crayfish.

Ecrevisse aux pontons suspendus d'Annecy-le-Vieux
The signal crayfish has invaded Lake Annecy, and is now easy to spot almost everywhere.

How to get to the Les Pontons Suspendus snorkeling spot in Annecy

Les Pontons Suspendus site is located on the north shore of Lake Annecy, between Annecy-le-Vieux and Chavoire. It is located on the roadside, and a car park with around 20 spaces has been set up opposite the spot (location of the car park here).

By bike, the site is about 3km east of Annecy city center (secure cycle path).

Pontons suspendus snorkeling map, Lake Annecy

Water entrance for snorkeling Les Pontons Suspendus

You can enter the water either from the pontoons that line the shore at this part of the lake (and which gave the site their name), or from the rocks.

Les Pontons Suspendus snorkeling exploration tips

Les Pontons Suspendus site can be divided into two snorkel areas:

1. On the right (north of the car park), the shore is bordered by a water promenade, laid out at 3-4m from the edge.

Underwater, the shore extends into a steep drop off. In places, you’ll find fields of aquatic plants (Myriophyllum sp.), in which fry and juveniles of several species of fish hide.

By skindiving 1 or 2m deep on the drop off, you may spot schools of roaches and perch. Sometimes, a big trench has been dug through the mud. The area located under the pontoons (↕2-4ft/0.5-1.5m) are also very lively, with many perch sheltering around the stilts.

Perche vue en snorkeling à Annecy
The common perch is Lake Annecy most easy to spot fish.

2. On the left (south of the car park), the shore returns to its “natural” state. You can snorkel along it until the tall trees.

Here, the drop-off begins more than 10m from the shore, leaving a nice shallow area (↕2-6ft/0.5-2m) to explore along it. On the rocky bottoms, look for freshwater blennies and signal crayfish, which remain close to their hiding places. Perch and roach are easy to see in the shallows.

Banc de gardons aux pontons suspendus
Roaches are frequently seen schooling along the drop-off.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

There is no bar or restaurant directly opposite the spot. About 300m north of the pontoons (going towards Annecy), there are several roadside snacks.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Maximum depth6m
  • Water entranceFrom wooden pontoons or rocks
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearby300m from the spot

MAP Spot

These spots are accessible to anyone with basic snorkeling skills, and feeling comfortable in the water and with his snorkeling gear. You will enter the water from the shore (beach, pontoon, ladder, rocks) or from a boat. The water height in the sea entrance area is reasonable, but you will not necessarily be within your depth. Moderate currents can occur in the area, even when the sea conditions are good. The distance to swim to reach the most interesting snorkeling areas of the spot does not exceed 200 meters.

This level only apply when the spot experiences optimal sea and/or weather conditions. It is not applicable if the sea and/or weather conditions deteriorate, in particular in the presence of rough sea, rain, strong wind, unusual current, large tides, waves and/or swell. You can find more details about the definition of our snorkeling levels on our snorkeling safety page.