A small popular beach in the southwest of Mahe, Fairyland Beach offers an idyllic paradise setting, framed by coconut palms and granite boulders overhanging a crystal-clear lagoon. From a snorkeler’s viewpoint, the seabed can be thought of as less interesting, yet however allows you to discover a beautiful array of colorful fish from its shallow depth.

Juvenile semicircle angelfish at Fairyland Beach
The semicircle angelfish (here, a juvenile) is one of the most beautiful fish to photography at Fairyland Beach.

How to get to Fairyland Beach snorkeling spot?

Fairyland Beach is a small area located at the end of Anse Royale, a village of the southeast coast of Mahe. It is only 30 minutes by car from Victoria (20km) and 20 minutes from the airport (10km). The beach can also be reached by bus. If you are in the village of Anse Royale, you can go to this spot simply on foot by following the coast for around 700m to the north. However, if you’re passing by the beach, you will have to go around one particularly rocky area.

Fairyland Beach, Anse Royale snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Fairyland Beach

We advise you to enter the water at the end of the beach, near the rocks. Sometimes, the lagoon is very shallow: in this case, walk a little towards Souris Island (see map) to enter at a more suitable depth.

Fairyland Beach snorkeling exploration

The recommended snorkeling area covers the lagoon facing the beach. It is especially noted to explore the rocks along the coast and the outskirts of Souris Island. Be careful to not pass behind the island, as there is often current.

Leather coral at Fairyland Beach
A beautiful leather coral (Sarcophyton sp.) on Fairyland Beach sandy flats.

The lagoon at Fairyland Beach is founded to be less worth the dive for its unfortunately poor seabed. It especially shelters granite blocks and sand beds, even though some pretty leather corals (Sarcophyton sp.) are fixed there on the flats. If you do end up visiting here, it is more ideal to encounter and photograph its beautifully colorful fish which are easy to approach in this shimmering yet shallow lagoon (↕1-2m). For example, near the rocks, you can spot semicircle angelfish, bluespotted groupers, goldbar wrasse, and several species of sergeants. Valentini’s sharpnose puffer, which are usually seen in pairs, prefer sandy areas where beautiful trevallies pass from time to time. When reaching Souris Island, the depth increases a bit more (↕2-3m) and becomes more favorable to see spotted eagle rays, which sometimes visit the lagoon.

Valentin's sharpnose puffer at Fairyland Beach
A pair of Valentini’s sharpnose puffers.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

Here, we find a few accommodations to stay in from the hills overlooking the beach. Several restaurants and snack are located in the village of Anse Royale.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth10ft/3m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium
  • Access costsFree

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