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The Underwater Restaurant is probably the most unique snorkeling location in Eilat. A few feet below the surface of the Red Sea, you can explore an abandoned structure overgrown by corals, sea fans and sponges. This structure attracts a kaleidoscopic reef life. Angelfish, lionfish, sergeants and morays all are common sightings around the restaurant, which offers one of the Red Sea’s most captivating underwater landscapes.

View of the Underwater Restaurant, Eilat
The underwater restaurant structure. On the right, note the platforms on which coral is growning.

How to get to the Underwater Restaurant snorkeling spot

The underwater restaurant is located at Papaya Beach (or HaDayagim Beach), a small urban beach found between the Kisuki Watersport pier and the Aria Hotel. The location is easy to reach on foot from the resort area, for example, a 550 yard walk from the Neptune Eilat, and a 650 yard walk from the Leonardo Plaza. If you have a car, you can park just before the Aria Hotel.

Walk to the jetty of the Underwater Restaurant, a remarkable landmark just in front of the Ahla Dive Shop.

The Underwater Restaurant snorkeling map, Eilat

Water entrance for snorkeling the Underwater Restaurant

Recommended water entrance is from the pebble beach, next to the restaurant’s pontoon. If you are staying at the Aria Hotel, you can enter the water from the resort’s pontoon stairs which is about a hundred yards from the restaurant.

The Underwater Restaurant snorkeling exploration tips

The spot extends between the buoy line on the left (near the Kisuki Watersport pontoon) and the Aria Hotel jetty on the right. It includes the surroundings of the abandoned underwater restaurant. There are also shallower areas that border the beach towards the south (on the right hand when you are facing the sea). Do not go beyond the buoys because of boat and jet ski traffic.

School of twobar seabream at the Underwater Restaurant, Eilat
A shoal of twobar seabream on the upper part of the platform.

The main attraction of this spot is the abandoned underwater restaurant which is about 50 yards from the shore. This structure falls into the depths, and is surrounded by a tangle of platforms, pillars and cables. It seems straight out of a science fiction movie.

While the upper parts of the restaurant almost touch the surface, part of the construction sits nearly 65 ft below the surface, providing plenty of areas to explore. The structure is partially covered with coral and sponges, encouraged by the coral nurseries found on the small mesh platforms (↕10-13ft).

Purple-brown parrotfish at the Underwater Restaurant
Purple-brown parrotfish in the shallows near the beach.

The underwater restaurant supports a diversity of fish and invertebrates. Schools of twobar seabream patrol the concrete platforms at the very top of the structure (↕4-7ft).  Anemones inhabited by communities of Red Sea anemonefish are fixed near the windows (↕7-10ft). Further below, many lionfish hide in the coral, and emperor angelfish and yellow-ear angelfish shelter around the underwater cables.

Once you’ve explored the restaurant, swim towards the Aria Hotel jetty. You will get to shallower areas (↕1-10ft) that are poor in corals but visited by colorful fish. This area is popular with large clown coris, rusty parrotfish and purple-brown parrotfish, which all seem to enjoy the surroundings of the jetty.

Devil scorpionfish at the Underwater Restaurant
A devil scorpionfish, or false stonefish, noted below a shallow rock outcrop.

The rocky beds are also visited by pufferfish (several species, see comprehensive species list at the bottom of the page), wrasse, collector sea urchins, and occasional small moray eel and devil scorpionfish.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

There are several restaurants north of the spot, in the beach area. The Aria Hotel is the closest accommodation to the Underwater Restaurant (just a 100 yard swim).


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth65ft/20m
  • Water entranceFrom a pebble beach or a jetty
  • Potential DangersBoat and jet ski traffic
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearbyYes

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