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Imagine a pool of blue crystalline water, bordered by white sand and surrounded by majestic pine trees … La Piscine Naturelle (The Natural Pool) is an enchanting basin of sea water. “Carved” in the coral, it is a small underwater paradise, protected by a barrier of rocks from the tumult of the ocean. Put on your mask and go discover this open-air aquarium, where you swim in the middle of a myriad of tropical fish.

Giants clams at Baie d'Oro

How to reach La Piscine Naturelle?

The Natural Pool is located in Oro Bay, on the northeastern coast of the Isle of Pines. Several options are available to you for joining the site.

If you have a vehicle, the most direct route is to follow the direction to Oro Bay (well indicated) until you reach the end of the road, where there is a small parking area. Pay the entrance fee (CFP200, less than 2 euro per person) at the hut, and then walk down the paved road (10 minutes) until you reach the channel. From there, cross the channel (at low tide the channel is dry, while at high tide, you will have water up to the knee), and follow the small path made in the forest to reach the pool (20 minutes). The pool is indicated by blue signs. Note that it is also possible to reach the parking with shuttle services (confirm with your accommodation).

If you are staying at Le Meridien hotel, you can go to the Natural Pool along the beach of Oro Bay to its northern tip. Then head up the “Sandy River”, another channel leading to the pool (35 minutes). This option is recommended only at low tide.

A last option for joining the spot is booking a combined excursion of Upi Bay and Oro Bay, which is very popular on the island. After crossing Upi Bay aboard a traditional Melanesian outrigger, you can then be dropped off a trail that will take you to the natural pool in about 40 minutes. All island accommodations offer this excursion. The cost is around CFP4000 Francs per person (transport and entrance fees included).

Natural Pool Oro Bay snorkeling map

Getting into the water to snorkel La Piscine Naturelle

Place yourself in the water at the edge of the “pool” near the corals, which can be easily seen through the surface from the edge.

La Piscine Naturelle snorkeling tips

The Natural Pool is a “small” snorkeling spot. The desired area to explore covers the part of the pool that remains in low tide waters (see map above), which measures at most about 50 meters wide. At high tide, the water zone extends to the rest of the sandy areas (including the channels). In these areas, the seabed, however, is not a point of interest for snorkelers.

Clownfish in sea anemone at Oro Bay natural pool

Putting yourself in the water by the pool, we never know what kind of treasures lay hidden deeper. This small quiet area, sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the ocean, is a haven for underwater life. In 3-4 meters of water, we can find ourselves in the middle of hundreds of colorful fish which swim fearlessly around the snorkelers. Coral heads (still considered to be in good condition, given after the large number of visitors to the site and its small surface) border the basin. Hundreds of giant clams are set at the bottom, tight against each other, exposing their fluorescent coats to the rays of the sun. If you or your children dream of seeing clownfish, you are in the right place. Dozens of sea anemones are affixed to the reef, hosting two species of clownfish (the Fire clownfish and Great Barrier anemonefish). They are simply too good to miss, present from 1 meter of depth. Huge pufferfish, as well as many lionfish, enjoy the carved coral caverns. Banks of red mullet rest at the bottom, resting on the sand.

Lionfish in Isle of Pines Natural Pool

The Natural Pool is an extraordinary spot, both for its setting and the density of observable species in such a small space. Remember to be attentive to other snorkelers as the site can become very busy. Be careful also to not venture too far into the small channel between the pool and the open sea- when the tide goes down, an outgoing current forms as the pool “empties” into the sea.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

Restaurant Le Kou-gny, located on the beach at Oro Bay, is about a 20-minute walk from the pool.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth12ft/4m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy/pebbly shore
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersHigh
  • Access costsEntrance fee (CFP 200pp.) or tour price (from CFP 4000pp.)
  • Restaurants nearbyNo
  • Public toilets & showersNo

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