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Snorkeling Report project was born in 2012 in Réunion Island when, walking barefoot on a white-sand beach with a diving mask in hands, we thought, “Well, it would be great to find online a world map where you can find and localize snorkeling spots!”

At this time, the main problem we had in mind was quite basic: available free snorkeling information on the internet was poor and scattered, and it was almost impossible to find reliable maps of the best snorkeling sites for most of destinations.

To date, Snorkeling Report has been committed to bringing the best snorkeling information to you. We quickly grew into a source of unbiased, free and illustrated snorkeling information, with the goal of letting more people able to enjoy the underwater world.

This would not have been possible without you, our squad of contributors (“Reporters” as we like to call them) scattered around the world, armed with snorkeling gear, underwater cameras and keyboards, populating and updating our snorkeling spots map. With new spots added every week from around the world, both world-famous and those off the beaten track, you are what makes Snorkeling Report the most comprehensive snorkeling spots guide!

Snorkeling Report, the ultimate snorkeling guide!

Snorkeling Report is the snorkeling buddy that stands by your side no matter if you’re planning your next snorkeling session, dreaming about a liveaboard snorkeling trip, or desperately searching for the name of this “blue-with-yellow-splotch-like-marking-on-side” fish you spotted this morning. Discover how we are here to help you to live your passion for the underwater world!

Locate the best snorkeling spots

The top feature of Snorkeling Report is the spots directory, where you can search for snorkeling sites in more than 50 destinations worldwide. You can use it to get snorkeling travel inspiration and start planning your next underwater adventure! A large majority of the snorkeling spots inventoried on Snorkeling Report have a free shore access.

Add a snorkeling spot to the map
Share new snorkeling spots you've discovered

More than 270 spots have already been published on Snorkeling Report, but there are still many spots to be added! You too can contribute to populate the map by sharing pictures of your favorite snorkeling spots around the world. The more snorkelers will contribute, the easier it will be for you, and other snorkelers, to find sites and enjoy the underwater world!

Fish ID Guide - Snorkeling Report
Identify the species you've seen underwater

We believe that a knowledge and appreciation of reef fishes will help make your underwater experience much exciting and enjoyable. In addition, learning about sea creatures is certainly the best way to create passionate present and future stewards of the protection of the oceans. On SR, you can identify species from 15 iconic fish families.

Live unique snorkeling experiences

Have you always dreamed of swimming with sea turtles, reef sharks and rays, or observing clownfish in their sea anemones, angelfish or starfish in the wild? Snorkeling Report brings you its top10 spots for unforgettable underwater encounters! For each emblematic species, we tell you on which snorkeling spots you are most likely to spot them.

Say yes to free snorkeling!

Good to know: you can easily identify on www.snorkeling-report.com free shore access snorkeling spots! Look at this icon to find sites you can snorkel freely*, without having to book a tour or pay an entrance fee. And the great news is that it’s the case of more than 60% of snorkeling spots published on the website!

*Access to some spots, especially located on small islands, may however require a paying boat trip, on regular sea lines. Also, the payment of an environmental fee is mandatory for snorkeling some specific destinations, such as the Galápagos Islands or Bonaire.

Snorkeling Report's team
Guillaume Astegiano Snorkeling Report

Guillaume Astegiano

When he was a child, he used to spend hours in the water, a mask stick on his face, under the sun of Corsica… And since? Guess what, still the same! Traveller, photographer, nature lover, he is always willing to wear his backpack and cross the seven seas to discover and report new awesome snorkeling spots.

His favorite destination? The southwestern Indian Ocean where he heads to have a breathe whenever he gets the time. His most unforgettable snorkeling adventures? Bartolomé Island in the Galápagos, the lagoon of Moorea in French Polynesia, and the tiny bay of Two Step on the Big Island of Hawaii.

After exploring the underwater world of the most stunning destinations, he is now a renowned snorkeling expert. For Snorkeling Report, Guillaume is in charge of spots referencing and destination advising.


Jonathann Ortega

He is a father keen to share his passion with his children whenever he can, guiding them discovering the wonders of the underwater world with mask and fins. Issued of the business management world, entrepreneur since his 20 years and sports enthusiast, he shares with Guillaume, his childhood friend, the taste for projects, tropics and ocean.

His favorite area? The Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Central America, which he knows all the secrets, even the best kept. His most amazing snorkeling sessions? The bay of Akumal in Mexico, the rich fishing grounds of the Lavezzi Islands in Corsica, and the small white sand beach of Calzón de Pobre in Costa Rica.

For Snorkeling Report, Jonathann is in charge of managing the website, as well as setting up and monitoring partnerships.