What could be cuter and more fascinating than a starfish? These slow-moving marine animals with their unmistakable shape always amaze people thanks to their bright colors and variety. There are over 1500 species of starfish in the world, and the vast majority are totally inoffensive for people. Check out our top 9 snorkeling spots to see starfish.


Siladen, a small island located north of Sulawesi, is entirely fringed by coral reefs. In the shallow seagrass beds bordering the island, sea stars are everywhere! They belong to the chocolate chip sea star species (Protoreaster nodosus), one of the most-common sea star of Southeast Asia. The neighboring island of Bunaken is also a great place to meet starfish.

BARTOLOME ISLAND Galápagos Islands #2

When snorkeling Bartolomé Island, anyone can easily spot in some places hundreds of starfish sitting on a ledge, mainly panamic starfish – the most common ones are a more or less brilliant red color – and chocolate chip sea stars, with a yellow color, which are smaller.


The waters of Roatan, Honduras, are a real paradise for cushion sea star. Perfectly harmless, there are plenty of them laying at the seabed Starfish Alley. In less than a meter of water and very close from the beach, everybody is able to watch the show!

Sea stars are observed more randomly in all shallow seagrass areas of Roatan. You could also try your luck in Half Moon Bay.


Tres Trapi, a tiny sandy cove nestled in the rocky northwestern shore of Aruba, is home to hundreds of cushion sea star. The immaculate white-sand seabed is constellated with starfish, making this snorkeling spot one of the most photogenic on the island.


The cushion sea star is one of the emblems of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Red, beige, orange or even green, you will surely find one to your own taste on the spot Restaurante Alfonso. Do not forget to take a souvenir photo!

Starfish are found on many spots in Bocas, including Punta Manglar or the famous Playa de las Estrellas.


Tumon Bay, Guam’s most famous beach, is the perfect place to encounter blue starfish. From the beach, you will see them through the surface of the lagoon. Wear your mask and jump in!

ANSE VOLBERT Seychelles #7

The red-knobbed starfish is certainly one of the most beautiful starfish of the Indian Ocean. By its sheer size and its bright colors, it rarely goes unnoticed! Come out to meet this specie into the seagrass of Anse Volbert, Seychelles.

This sea star can be observed in many spots in the Seychelles, but prefers shallow seagrass.


On the reef of Pulau Menjangan, Indonesia, you won’t miss the blue sea star (Linckia laevigata), which are plenty to live over the seabed. From a bright blue and measuring up to 40cm, they are particularly photogenic.

The blue sea stars are present on almost all the snorkeling spots around Bali and Lombok. If you do not visit Pulau Menjangan, you can try Gili Islands or Pemuteran.

LA PALUD South France #9

The Mediterranean waters do not have a lot of species more colorful than the red starfish! With its brilliant color, we normaly see it in the seagrass meadows. La Palud Beach, in the Port Cros National Park, is one of the best Mediterranean places to watch this specie.

The red starfish is frequently found in many snorkeling spots in South France, for example at Calanque du Four à Chaux or Anse de la Fausse Monnaie.