Sharks are the most powerful fishes in the oceans. They have a reputation as dangerous predators, but in many areas of the world, you can observe them when snorkeling in perfect safety. An encounter with a shark under water is always a unique and fascinating moment. Powerful emotions are guaranteed! Check out our top 7 snorkeling spots to swim with sharks.

MOOREA French Polynesia #1

On this shallow sandbank located in Moorea lagoon, in a few feet of water, you just have to jump in the water from your kayak to swim with dozens of blacktip reef sharks. An experience of a lifetime, in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.


In Shark Ray Alley, off Ambergris Caye, you don’t need to go in search of sharks because they will come up to greet you! Less than 3 meters of crystal-clear water and dozens of inoffensive nurse sharks swimming around you – so do you feel like a swim?

You can also find nurse sharks at Hol Chan Cut. If you’re staying in Caye Caulker, you might like to know that this small island also has its very own Shark Ray Alley, which is less busy.

PETITE TERRE Guadeloupe #3

When you arrive by boat in Petite Terre, you’ll soon see the fins breaking through the surface of the water. Sit down on the beach, put on your mask and dive into the water: you’ll see dozens of small lemon sharks coming and going peaceably above the sandy seabed, unperturbed by the swimmers around them. A great view guaranteed!

LOS TÚNELES Isabela Island #4

Imagine fantastic series of lava tunnels and volcanic arches bathed in turquoise water, where dozens of white-tip sharks congregate: welcome to Los Túneles, an otherworldly site located on Isabela island south coast. A spectacular snorkeling spot, not to be missed if you visit Isabela Island!

SHARK BAY Thailand #5

At Shark Bay, south of Ko Tao, even the most battle-hardened snorkelers are impressed. Dozens of blacktip reef sharks, some measuring 2 to 3m, stream along above the seabed, a few meters below the surface. Even though visibility is rarely perfect, the experience is all the same impressive.


If you explore the outer face of the Velidhu atoll, in the Maldives, you will soon come across a blacktip reef shark. Lively, quick and elegant, the sharks often pop up between two banks of coral, bringing you a few seconds of unforgettable experience.

THE BLUE LAGOON Tuamotu Islands #7

Small palm tree-covered islets border this natural pool, sometimes described as a “lagoon within a lagoon”. The surroundings waters of the Blue Lagoon are perfect for a snorkeling encounter with blacktip reef sharks and some (huge) lemon sharks.