With its relatively cold water, rough waves and strong currents, the eastern Atlantic Ocean is a less welcoming place for snorkelers. However, if you are willing to brave the elements, there are a large number of sheltered coves where underwater life abounds along its rocky coasts. From the fjords of Scotland, to the volcanic shores of the Canary Islands, along the rugged coasts of Brittany and into the subtropical underwater world of Madeira, there is a whole world of exploration that awaits you! 


Snorkeling destinations in Eastern Atlantic Ocean


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With its rocky islets, emerald green waters and white sandy beaches, Brittany is an exciting and still off-the-beaten track snorkeling destination. If you’ll have to deal with important tides, fast-changing sea conditions and pretty cold water, you will discover a rich and fascinating sea life. In t (...)

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With its cliff-lined beaches and numerous rocky islets, Portugal's mainland coast boasts a great diversity of snorkeling spots. Of course, the water temperature, swells and strong currents make snorkeling less easy there than in the Mediterranean, but its seabed is worth a look. Underwater, you will (...)