Discover our snorkel gear recommendations

We appreciate even more our snorkeling sessions when we are properly equipped! For comfort, but also for security reasons, it is important to get snorkeling gears adapted to your practice, to your level, and also to the water temperature and the environments you explore.

Snorkeling Report team proposes here a selection of items with expert advice which should help you make the right decision!

Our selection of the best snorkeling masks

The mask, which allows you to see underwater, is the centrepiece of your snorkeling gear. The field of vision provided by the mask depends on the surface of the lenses (single or double lens), but also on the distance between the lens and your eyes. If you are a frequent freediver, even at a depth of a few metres, choose a low air volume mask, which limits the pressure on the face. At SR, we tend to recommend black skirt masks (non-clear mask) in order to limit the glare, which is often the case right below the surface of the water. All the models presented here are made from tempered glass (which represents a safety warranty) and are equipped with a silicone skirt (not a plastic skirt), which allows for the reduction of friction and allergies.


A selection of snorkels specially designed for snorkeling

The snorkels must be comfortable above all and must allow you to breathe as easily as possible. All the snorkels presented here are equipped with a deflector (a sort of splash-proof protection) which prevents the unwanted ingress of water in case of small waves. Others also have a valve, which facilitates the expulsion of water found inside the snorkel after a dive. There are new innovative models, such as Powerbreather, emerging on the market. They prevent the unwanted water ingress and allow you to breathe a continuously renewed air, but they are especially recommended for “sports” type snorkeling.


The new generation of full face masks for surface snorkeling

Lately, the full face masks have met an unprecedented success on the beaches all over the world and have made the beauty of snorkeling accessible to everybody. Allowing natural breathing through nose and mouth, they offer excellent comfort and facilitate first time snorkeling for beginners. Nevertheless, you should know that full face masks are dedicated to the practice of surface snorkeling, since they currently do not allow for pressure equalization in the ears when you dive.

We present here only the full face masks which comply with the latest quality and security standards, with a level of residual carbon dioxide inside the skirt during inhalation far below the safety thresholds.

Our selection of fins suitable to various snorkeling practices

The fins are essential for easy movement in the water and for covering long distances, in search for the most beautiful underwater landscapes. They also provide safety, by allowing you to be more efficient when addressing currents, for example. We propose here only full-foot fins, with comfortable slippers. For occasional expeditions, for short distances and in a calm sea, the short fins might be enough, especially if you are not a fan to wear them. Nevertheless, in order to take full advantage of your sessions, choose medium wing fins, which are longer and more rigid. If you need extra power for swimming with fins, the long fins are the key to freedom in the water: long distances, diving, accelerating etc. The underwater world belongs to you!


Snorkel sets, an economical choice for recreational snorkeling

The snorkel sets offer interesting “all inclusive” solutions, at more affordable prices. These options are mainly reserved for beginners or occasional practitioners. It is indeed recommended to regular practitioners to buy each equipment separately in order to have equipment which best suit our morphology, practice and needs.

Our rashguards selection, sun protective clothing

In snorkeling, the whole back of the body is strongly exposed to the sun. The freshness of the water eliminates the feeling of warmth and the magnifying effect of the water on the skin further enhances the power of UV. For this reason, we always recommend snorkelers to wear long sleeved rashguards, if possible. All the models recommended here have an anti-UV protection level of UPF+50, which filters 98% of UVs. Beyond the essential role of protection against the dangers of the sun, the rashguards also allow you to use a lower amount of sun cream, which is harmful to the environment, and to minimize the feeling of coldness and wind on the skin. If you feel the cold quite easily inside the water (the body cools down quickly during long sessions, even when the water has a comfortable temperature), choose black models, which better capture the heat.

Our quality selection of wetsuits to extend your snorkeling sessions in fresh seawater

If you are practicing snorkeling in temperate seas or outside the hot seasons, it might be essential to wear one-piece suits. They are indeed essential for your protection against cold and allow you to enjoy your snorkeling session for longer. The wetsuits also protect you from the sun, jellyfish or even injuries in case of contact with rocks or corals. To this effect, we generally recommend long sleeved suits, which are more efficient against cold and more protective. In tropical seas and during summer, wetsuits with 1.5 mm thickness can help you stay in water for more time. In temperate seas (water temperature +/-20°C), choose suits with 2.5 to 3 mm thickness. Beyond 20°C, you can opt for thicker one or supplement your 3 mm wetsuit with a liner. Don’t forget the slippers and gloves, since the toes and fingertips become cold very quickly in the water.

Get the right camera and take some beautiful pictures!

Colourful fish, strange creatures… The seabeds abound in captivating subjects for underwater photography. The cameras for underwater shooting have never been so high-performance and affordable and from now on everyone can come home with beautiful images from their snorkeling sessions. For pictures, choose compact waterproof cameras, while GoPro remains the safe bet for videos. All the models recommended here are waterproof up to a depth of 10m minimum, which is useful for most of the snorkelers. For stunning images, purchase a dome, which allows you to shoot half water/half air pictures. To be shared without moderation!


Let’s get more confortable and safe inside or outside the water, during your snorkel session!

If you practice snorkeling on a regular basis, it might be useful to supplement your traditional snorkel gear with practical, comfort or safety accessories. Please find below our selection of waterproof bags, caps, anti-fogging products, environment friendly sun creams or even diving buoys.

Have a look at the best identification fish guides to learn faster about marine life!

Want to learn more about the species you observed or photographed under water? The identification guides are true treasures for those curious to know about the undersea world! These books show, in the form of images or drawings, the species of certain environments (such as coral reefs) or certain regions of the world (such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or the Red Sea). If some guides are limited to fish, others describe all the local underwater fauna and flora. True scientific works, the identification guides are also a beautiful way to prepare for our future snorkeling explorations!


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