Discover our snorkel gear and accessories recommendations

We appreciate even more our snorkeling sessions when we are properly equipped! For comfort, but also for security reasons, it is important to get snorkeling gears adapted to your practice, to your level, and also to the water temperature and the environments you explore.

Snorkeling mask

Our selection of the best snorkeling masks

The mask, which allows you to see underwater, is the centrepiece of your snorkeling gear. After making a choice between classic of full-face mask, several parameters must be taken into account in choosing the right mask, in order to have a gear that really fits to your practice, and to feel as comfortable as possible in the water.

Swimfins for snorkeling

The swimfins that will fit your snorkeling practice

Fins (or flippers) are an essential snorkeling equipment if you want to easily move in the water and travel great distances, exploring the most beautiful underwater landscapes. Not only that, they also contribute to your safety, allowing you to be more efficient when dealing with currents, for example.

Rashguards and wetsuits, for sun and cold protection

When snorkeling, you have to protect yourself from the sun’s rays (the whole back of the body being strongly exposed to the UV rays), the freshness (or coldness) of the water, or even jellyfish. But how to choose the right wear? Color, thickness, long or short sleeves… We are here to help you make your choice!

Snorkeling equipment

Recommended equipment for more comfort and security

You can of course snorkel with minimal equipment, i.e. a mask, a snorkel and fins. But if you practice snorkeling on a regular basis, it might be useful to complete your basic snorkel gear with practical, comfort or safety accessories. Enough to make your underwater time more enjoyable and safer!

Snorkeling photography

Get the right camera and take some beautiful pictures

Colourful fish, strange creatures, mesmerizing underwaterscapes… The underwater world abound in captivating subjects for photographers. The cameras for underwater shooting have never been so high-performance and affordable and from now on everyone can come home with beautiful images from its snorkeling sessions.

Fish ID book on the beach

Fish ID Books, to learn more about local marine life

Want to learn more about the fish or invertebrates you spotted or photographed underwater? The identification guides are true treasures for those curious to know more about the undersea world! These books display, with pictures or drawings, the creatures you may spot when snorkeling.