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With its crystal clear waters, arid cliffs, and an old lighthouse, Cala Fría is certainly the most photogenic beach in Cabo de Palos. The cove is rather deep and visited by predators such as dentex, gilt-head bream, and European seabass. If you prefer snorkeling in shallow water, go to Cala Túnez, 250m away.

European seabass at Cala Fria
European seabass are frequently seen at Cala Fria.

How to go snorkeling at Cala Fría

Cala Fría (or Calafría) beach is located on the tip of Cabo de Palos, at the foot of the lighthouse. There are several parking lots nearby (just above the creek, or on the left just before you get to the lighthouse). Stairs lead down to the cove.

Cala Fria and Cabo de Palos lighthouse snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Cala Fría

You can enter the water anywhere you want from the beach.

Cala Fría snorkeling exploration tips

Well sheltered by rocks, you can snorkel in the entire cove. Cala Fría is quite deep: just a few tens of meters from the beach, the depth quickly reaches 12 to 18ft (4 to 6m). The seabed forms sandy slopes, punctuated by rocks and Posidonia meadows.

Sea sponge at Cala Fria
Some rocks are covered with sea sponges and brown algae.

Located on the edge of the Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve, Cala Fría is a good spot to observe coastal predators such as dentex, gilt-head bream, and European seabass. These species are quite common in the deep areas of the creek, although large specimens are rarely seen.

At the foot of the small cliffs that border the cove, there are shallower areas, covered with scree and seagrass. Sargo, two-banded seabream, mullet, and salema are common here. On the rocks, notice the many sponges.

Common dentex at Cala Fria
The common dentex can occasionally be seen in Cala Fria (here, two young specimens).

Cala Fría is a fairly busy scuba diving site. Keep an eye out for boats coming and going in the cove.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

The small restaurant Chiringuito Verano Azul overlooks the cove. You will find a wide choice of snacks, restaurants and supermarkets around Cabo de Palos port, just a 5-minute drive away.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Protected areaReserva Marina Cabo de Palos-Islas Hormigas
  • Maximum depth23ft/7m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearbyNo

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