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At the eastern end of Little Cayman, Point of Sand is a true desert island beach. Fringed by a tropical blue water lagoon, it is a perfect setting for exploring the local sea world. Around the inshore coral heads, snorkelers may spot blue tangs, angelfish, parrotfish, as well as occasional stingrays.

Southern Cross shelter at Point of Sand.
Southern Cross shelter at Point of Sand. It is recommended to enter the water right in front of it.

How to get to Point of Sand snorkeling spot?

Southern Cross Club maintains a shelter at the point where the footpath from the road meets the beach. It is located at almost the most easterly point on Guy Banks Road, with a right turn signposted on the road.

Point of Sand snorkeling map, Little Cayman

Water entrance for snorkeling Point of Sand

Once you are at the shelter you can enter the water across the gently shelving sand.

Point of Sand snorkeling exploration tips

From the tip of Point of Sand, swim in the direction of the western end of Cayman Brac, which you can see on the horizon further to the southeast.

A coral outcrop at Point of Sand
A coral outcrop at Point of Sand.

The nearshore is mainly sand but you soon reach the numerous coral outcrops. Take care at this spot, because a west to east current, i.e. right to left, is quite pronounced in the inshore area.

The inshore coral heads support populations of small fish as well as occasional nurse sharks and frequent groups of circulating barracuda.

Great barracuda in Point of Sand
Great barracuda in Point of Sand.

Further offshore the main reef can be found, with diverse hard and soft coral populations. This reef becomes more dispersed towards the east, with reduced swell, but be wary of the current.

This area supports a very diverse range of fish species, including chubb, tilefish, rock beauty, several species of parrotfish, yellowtail damselfish and much more. It is also an interesting area for the large shoals of blue tang.

A school of Atlantic blue tang in Point of Sand
A school of Atlantic blue tang in Point of Sand.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

Once again facilities are non-existent, apart from the welcome shade, so take plenty of drink. The beach is regularly cleaned by the locals so if you feel like contributing, pick up any litter you find and drop into the bags provided.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Maximum depth10ft/3m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersCurrent
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearbyNo

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