How to choose your swimfins for snorkeling?

Fins (or flippers) are essential snorkeling equipment if you want to easily move in the water and travel great distances, exploring the most beautiful underwater landscapes. Not only that, but they also contribute to your safety, allowing you to be more efficient when dealing with currents, for example.

For occasional explorations, over short distances or in calm seas, short fins may be ok, especially if you are not very comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing them. However, to fully enjoy your sessions, quickly opt for medium fins, longer and more rigid. If you have to put in a little more effort to swim, long fins are also the key to your freedom in the water: long distances, immersions, accelerations … the underwater world is yours!


Fins are part of snorkeler’s essential equipment, along with the mask and snorkel (or full face mask).

Our selection of fins suitable for various snorkeling practices

At Snorkeling Report, we have adopted the Mares Volo Race fins for several years. They offer a great compromise between power and flexibility and remain compact while allowing easy immersions. We tested them on many spots, including long sessions or covering great distances, and they have always performed!

If some snorkelers, used to snorkeling without fins, are a little reluctant to wear them at the start, we guarantee that you will not be able to do without them after having tried them! One of the keys to adopting fins is having a comfortable bootie. For this, we only offer full foot fins here, much more comfortable to wear than adjustable fins with a strap. Whichever you choose, try them out carefully, as your comfort (and enjoyment) in the water will depend on it.

Guillaume with Mares Volo swimfins

Here, Guillaume takes a little skin dive to photograph wrasses in Posidonia meadows in Cala Ti Ximo, Spain. He wears Mares Volo Race fins, which offer a lot of power downhill and allow you to stabilize easily.

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