Imagine, if you will, gold-sand beaches fringed with coconut trees, sun-kissed emerald lagoons, and razor-sharp mountain peaks where white clouds gather. Those are images of French Polynesia that conjure a pure and mesmerizing image of the Garden of Eden nestled in the South Pacific Ocean.

French Polynesia is made up of five archipelagos and 18 islands scattered like confetti over a surface as big as Europe, and more than 3,100 miles away from the next continent.

In 1768, on the day he ventured close to Tahiti for the first time, French explorer Bougainville is said to have cried out: “This is heaven on earth!”. There is more than one truth here: French Polynesia is an underwater heaven. Every visitor that gets the chance to snorkel in the warm, clear waters and meet stingrays, sharks, and multicolored fish come away with memories to last a lifetime.



Snorkeling destinations in French Polynesia

Tahiti and the Society Islands

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In 1768, the day he got close to Tahiti for the first time, French explorer Bougainville is quoted as saying, "This is heaven on earth!”. One thing is very true; French Polynesia is an underwater paradise. With its 14 exotic islands Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora being the most well-known, the Societ (...)
Tuamotu Islands

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The Tuamotu Islands, a remote, pristine archipelago, scarcely touched by the outside world, offers some of the best snorkeling in the South Pacific. The archipelago sit on the eastern part of French Polynesia, with 77 atolls spanning a distance of over 900 miles. The most visited atolls are Rangiroa (...)