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White sand, gin-clear sea, lazy cows and untouched scrublands: Plage du Lotu, near Saint-Florent, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Corsica. If the setting, completely wild, is enchanting, the seabed also holds some wonders. In translucid water, you will spot seabream, wrasse and cardinalfish, but also with a little luck a stingray, a moray eel or an octopus.

Greater amberjack at Lotu Beach
A pair of juvenile greater amberjack encountered in Le Lotu. This pelagic species is rarely seen at snorkeling depths.

How to get to Plage du Lotu snorkeling spot?

Plage du Lotu/Lotu Beach (also called Lodu, Lodo or Loto Beach) is located in the Agriates Desert, on the western shore of the Gulf of Saint-Florent. With neighboring Saleccia Beach, it is considered one of the most beautiful in Corsica.

The easiest way to reach this spot is by boat from Saint-Florent. You will have the choice between several options:

  • Le Popeye maritime shuttle, which offers several options including a single round trip to Plage du Lotu (18 to 20 euro pp. round trip, 20 minutes crossing, 2021) and the combo Lotu + Saleccia (maritime shuttle + taxi-boat, 35 to 37 euro pp. round trip).
  • Several taxi-boat companies, which offer round trips on smaller boats (from 25 to 30 euro pp. round trip).
  • Catamaran or sailboat tours.

It is also possible to reach Plage du Lotu from Saint-Florent by the coastal walk, but it is a challenging 4 to 5 hours hike, often under the sun. From neighboring Plage de Saleccia, the walk to Plage du Lotu takes 45 minutes to 1h15 depending on whether you take the coastal path or the shorter inland path.

Finally, 4×4 trips to Lotu and Saleccia are also offered by several companies in Saint-Florent. They allow to discover the inland of the Agriates Desert and generally operate as shuttles (several round trips per day to the beaches).

Carte snorkeling Plage du Lotu, Corse

Water entrance for snorkeling Plage du Lotu

Get into the water directly from the beach. We advise you to walk to the western end of the beach (on the left when facing the sea) in order to be closer to the recommended snorkeling area.

Plage du Lotu snorkeling exploration tips

You can snorkel the whole bay, but we especially recommend the rocky areas found on the western side of the beach (see map above). Do not cross the boat channel.

Octopus hiding below an anchor in Corsica
An octopus hiding below an anchor in Lotu Beach. If this species is mainly found in rocky areas, it is also common in the open, taking advantage of any hiding place.

From the beach, the sand slopes gently into the sea. Swim towards the rocks and follow the coastline. You will discover a succession of rocky areas, sandy beds and Posidonia meadows, each with their associated species.

A great diversity of marine species can be seen at this location, in particular octopus and cuttlefish, quite common throughout the area. While the red starfish likes to shelter in rocky crevices, the sand sea star is found in opened sandy areas.

Sand sea star in Corsica
A sand sea star in Plage du Lotu. This species is only found on sandy beds.

Among the most common fish species you may spot at Plage du Lotu are wrasse, sargo and damselfish. In the shade of the rocks, you may also spot bright red Mediterranean cardinalfish.

With a little luck, you might encounter at this location more uncommon species, such as greater amberjack (in open water), pelagic stingray (dwelling in open areas) or Mediterranean moray (around rocks, in which they hide in case of danger).

Pelagic stingray in northern Corsica
A pelagic stingray swimming above a bed of dead Posidonia leaves. This emblematic species is occasionally found in the area.

Plage du Lotu water is renowned for being one of the purest and most translucent in Corsica. Oriented towards the northeast and protected from the wind by the surrounding hills, the bay is also much more sheltered than that of Saleccia.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

La Cabane du Lodu is the only restaurant nearby. It is located a few minutes walk from Plage du Lotu (approx. 500m via the coastal path). Reservation recommended. Remember to bring plenty of water with you, as there is no shade.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth12ft/4m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersBoat traffic
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium
  • Access costsFree (by hiking) or from €18 (by boat)
  • Restaurants nearbyNo

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