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Rondinara is one Corsica’s coastline wonders. This small bay shaped like a shell, with steadily deepening turquoise water, is often said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, or even in Europe. As the bay is almost closed, it shelters calm, shallow and clear waters that make perfect conditions for a snorkeling session from the very water surface. Underwater fauna and flora make an endless show to the Curious, complete with salema, mullets, cuttlefish and starfish, in a waterscape shared between rocky areas and Posidonia meadows.

Cuttlefish at Rondinara
Cuttlefish are frequently spotted in Rondinara, especially during spring.

How to get to Rondinara beach?

Rondinara beach is located midway between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, about 45 minutes from each city if driving. The beach is indicated by a sign located at the side of N198, the road connecting Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Take the narrow road winding through the scrub to reach the bay.

A parking lot has been set at the backside of the beach (a 5€ parking fee is required, 2020), close to Chez Ange restaurant. There is another option: park next to the campsite located along the access road and walk to the beach taking a 400m long path through the scrub.

The best snorkel area in Rondinara is located at the very north of the bay (see zone 1 on the map below). To reach this area from the parking lot and Chez Ange restaurant, follow the beach’s edge until you get to the end of the beach. There is a path with a few passages over rocks, count 20 to 30 minutes to the snorkel spot.

Rondinara snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Rondinara

Enter the water directly from the fine sand beach, along the rocks closing the bay.

Rondinara snorkeling exploration

The best snorkeling area in Rondanina is located along the peninsula closing the bay at its northern side. It is the most sheltered part of the site, as it is protected by a rocky formation, and water is exceptionally calm, making it a perfect place for beginners.

Start from the very end of the beach and swim along the rocky shore. The sandy seabed rapidly gives way to rocks and Posidonia meadows, as the water depth remains limited (3-5ft/1-1,5m) even dozens of meters away from the beach.

Five-spotted wrasse, rainbow wrasse and schools of sardines appreciate the bay’s calm waters, whereas sea cucumbers and sea urchins lay on the seabed. Schools of salema with horizontal green and yellow stripes can often be seen above the sea meadows.

View of Rondinara Beach, Corsica
Rondinara bay. The recommended snorkeling area is along the rocky point visible at the other side of the bay.

As you swim forward along the rocks, the seabed slopes down. Water depth reaches about 10ft/3 meters at the very end of the peninsula. In those deeper areas, you might spot a common cuttlefish that won’t hesitate to escape if it feels threatened, leaving a cloud of ink behind. Sargoes, mullets and saddled seabream are also common sights in Rondinara.

There is another snorkel area in the bay (see zone number 2 on the map). It is located at the other side of the bay, close to the restaurant. It is rockier and less sheltered from waves and wind than the first one, but possibilities to spot aquatic life remain good.

Neptune grass beds at Rondinara
Rondinara’s shallow beds are perfect for kids and beginners.

Restaurants and accommodation at Rondinara beach

Chez Ange, a beach hut set directly on the sand, is the only restaurant onsite. Rondinara is a secluded place: bringing your own food and having a picnic might be the best option if you’re staying here all day. Rondinara Campsite is located about 400m from the beach following a hiking trail (1,2 km following the road).


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth12ft/4m
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsFree
  • Restaurants nearbyYes
  • Public toilets & showersNo

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