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Marsa Goslani, located a few kilometers south of Sharm el-Sheikh, is one of the most visited snorkeling spots in Ras Muhammad National Park. Easy to access by boat or by road, it is a pleasant location, where you can discover the fantastic Red Sea marine life along a vibrant reef drop off.

Marsa Goslani, Sharm el-Sheikh
Marsa Goslani beach seen from the road. The reef is on the right.

How to get to Marsa Goslani snorkeling spot?

Marsa Goslani is a small bay located south of Sharm el-Sheikh, in the northern part of Ras Muhammad National Park.

The easiest option to get there is by boat, with a snorkeling or diving tour. You can book your tour at a local diving club or at your hotel (approximately $40pp. for the day, meals and drinks included). Boats leave from the port of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is 2 nautical miles (approximately 4km) north of the spot. Some tours include snorkeling stops in other locations.

You can also reach the spot by road, either with your vehicle, or by taxi, or taking part in a land tour. If you are going on your own, take El-Tor road for about 8km from the port, then Ras Muhammad road which goes to the left just before the police station. 3.2 km after the fork, follow the track on the left, which will take you to the shore (800m).

Marsa Goslani snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Marsa Goslani

You will enter the water from a boat (if you are on a boat tour) or from the shore (if you are reaching the spot by road). For the second option, enter the water at the northern tip of the beach, to be closer to the reef.

Marsa Goslani snorkeling exploration tips

The recommended snorkeling area covers the coral reef that edges the northern shore of the bay. It starts at the northern end of the beach and stretches over 500m towards the east.

Rusty parrotfish in Marsa Goslani
A daisy parrotfish feeding on Marsa Goslani’s reef flat.

The reef is made up of a shallow flat (↕1-2ft/0.5m), ending in a drop off that falls down to the depths (↕15-30ft/5-10m). Follow the reef edge to discover its colorful underwater life.

The coral cover is healthy, with several types of hard corals, including Porites, fire corals, brain and finger corals.

Klunzinger's wrasse on Marsa Goslani reef flat
Klunzinger’s wrasse is the most common wrasse species in the Red Sea.

While snorkeling this spot, you will see many species of fish, some endemic to the Red Sea. The Sohal surgeonfish, the rusty parrotfish, the Arabian Picasso triggerfish and several species of butterflyfish are particularly common in the area.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

Most day trips include lunch. Inquire when you book.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Protected areaRas Muhammad National Park
  • Maximum depth30ft/10m
  • Water entranceFrom a boat or a beach
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsCost of a land or boat snorkeling tour

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