Australia is a unique snorkeling destination. Highlighted by the Great Barrier Reef with its vibrant coral and spectacular marine life, this World Heritage ecosystem is considered one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.  Snorkeling in Australia has even more to offer in addition to the Great Barrier Reef. On the northwestern side of the country Ningaloo reef, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island and the great kelp forests of the south mainland also offer world-class snorkeling experiences. 

Snorkeling destinations in Australia

Western Australia

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Western Australia is considered one of the six hotspots for marine biodiversity on the planet. The different climates and currents found along its coasts have favored the development of remarkable ecosystems: it shelters the Ningaloo Reef, the longest fringing reef in the world, but also mangroves, (...)

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While Australia brings the Great Barrier Reefs first and foremost to the minds of snorkeling enthusiasts, there are many other parts of the island continent that are also worth exploring. Sydney, built on wide bays, shelters some amazing underwater wonders. Not far from the city, its rocky coves an (...)
Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef

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Hosting the Great Barrier Reef, the largest and healthiest expanse of living coral on the planet, Queensland has some of the best ocean life in the world. Whether you are dreaming about swimming with manta rays, sea turtles or sharks, exploring wrecks teeming with sea life, observing clownfish in th (...)