Take part to Snorkeling Report's project by sharing your favorite snorkeling locations!

More than 350 spots have already been published on Snorkeling Report, but there are still many spots to be added! You too can contribute to populate the map by sharing pictures of your favorite snorkeling spots around the world. The more snorkelers will contribute, the easier it will be for you, and other snorkelers, to find sites and enjoy the underwater world!

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To help us publishing new snorkeling spots on the website, just create an account on the website and send us info about a new spot and pictures using the “add a spot” online form. To publish a spot, we ideally need 8 to 12 underwater pictures taken while snorkeling the area. If you have several snorkeling spots to send, please use separate forms for each spot.

Any question about sharing a spot on Snorkeling Report? Just ask us!

Ready to add a new snorkeling spot to the website? Just follow the steps below:

Create an account on Snorkeling Report

It’s free and it takes only a minute! Once connected, you will be able to access the “add a spot” form and all other Snorkeling Report’s features!

Fill the online “add a spot” form

Our “add a spot” form is easy to fill and allows us to collect all useful information about the spot. Join some underwater pictures, so that other snorkelers can figure out what they may see there.

We draft and illustrate the new spot page

Our team will use your info and pictures to draft the new spot page (tips, spot map, illustrations…). If we need more info on some points before publishing the page, we will get in touch with you.

Your snorkeling spot is online!

Thanks to you, other snorkelers will be able to discover, localize and enjoy the spot! Thank you for helping us making Snorkeling Report the most comprehensive snorkeling spots guide!

Credit to spot author

Your contribution will always be highlighted!

When you add a new spot on Snorkeling Report, you will have all the credit for the information provided to us. Your user name will appear on each spot page that you helped create and under each photo you added to the galleries.

On the “add a spot” form, you can also specify which copyright you want us to insert on your photos when using it to illustrate the pages.

Here you can see an example of a spot added by a member and the list of all our reporters and contributors.

Share your spots… and so much more!

By creating an account on Snorkeling Report, you will be able to add snorkeling spot to the website, but also:

  • To rate the spots you have visited on each spot’s pages, from ⭐to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐;
  • To add pictures in the photo gallery of each spot’s pages;
  • To post comments and meet fellow snorkelers throughout the website;
  • To complete your member’s profile, including your “I’ve been there” snorkeling spots map.
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