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With its beautiful shipwreck sunk in front of the beach, Isla Perro Chico is without a doubt the most fabulous snorkeling spot in San Blas islands. Also hosting shallow coral reefs, the island allows snorkelers to discover vibrant marine life. While snorkeling the island, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter angelfish, groupers, parrotfish, pufferfish and lobsters just a few meters away from the beach.

Isla Perro Chico wreck
Isla Perro Chico’s wreck is the island’s main snorkeling attraction.

How to get to the Isla Perro Chico snorkeling spot

Isla Perro Chico is a small island in the San Blas archipelago. It is located a few hundred meters away from Isla Diablo.

You can choose to stay for a few days on the islands (by taking a boat in Puerto Carti and booking some nights in the island’s cabañas, by far the most affordable option) or to visit them during all-inclusive trips. From Panama City, expect to pay at least $ 110-130 per person for 2 days/1 night. The foreigners must pay a $22 fee to enter Guna Yala territory.

Isla Perro Chico snorkeling map

Water entrance for snorkeling Isla Perro Chico

Enter the water from the beach, in front of the area you want to snorkel (the western beach to explore the wreck, the southern beach to discover the reef areas).

Isla Perro Chico snorkeling exploration

There are two different snorkeling areas in Isla Perro Chico: to the northwest, a shipwreck, and to the southeast, a coral reef.

1/ The shipwreck (area 1 on the map)

The shipwreck is really the main attraction of Isla Perro Chico. It can easily be reached because it lies a few dozen meters away from the beach, and it has sunk at an ideal depth for snorkeling (↕0-16ft/0-5m). Pay attention, however, to the currents, which are pretty frequent in this area. A line of buoys allows snorkelers to rest and exit the water easily if the current is too strong.

Coral and parrotfish at Isla Perro Chico barco hundido
The wreck is covered with different coral and sponge species.

The shipwreck is around 50m long and it is in the middle of a sandy area. Sunk in 1958, the shipwreck has been colonized throughout the years by many corals and sponges.

On the shipwreck, you can find fire coral, brain coral, tubular sponge, and barrel sponge. Many kinds of fish live on what is now a true reef: parrotfish, scrawled filefish, sergeants, wrasse and trumpetfish are among the most common.

2/ The reef (area 2 on the map)

Here we discover a healthy coral reef, which starts from the beach and stretches gradually towards deeper waters (↕10-65ft/3-20m). On the reef, underwater life is thriving.

Isla Perro Chico coral reef and blue chromis
On the reef, you’ll explore large sea fan areas. In the center of the photo is a Caribbean blue chromis.

On the reef wall, you will also encounter beautiful gray angelfish, huge parrotfish, colorful damsels, as well as many lobsters, nestled in small rock crevices.

Restaurants and accommodation near Isla Perro Chico

You have two options to spend the night on Isla Perro Chico: find accommodation in a cabaña, or book a camping spot and bring your own tent. Otherwise, you can stay in Isla Diablo (about 200m away from Isla Perro Chico) and arrange a short boat trip to Isla Perro Chico.


  • Level required Intermediate
  • Maximum depth16ft/5m around the wreck, 65ft/20m on the drop off.
  • Water entranceFrom a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersCurrents
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium to high
  • Access costsTour price (from $100pp.) or stay on the island. A $22 tax apply to visitors.
  • Restaurants nearbyYes

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