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Moofushi Island is one of the 26 islands forming Ari Atoll. Snorkeling is pure delight here, as it often is on the Maldives Islands atolls. The lucky ones enjoying a stay on this gorgeous island will meet clownfish in their anemones, turtles sliding over coral, angelfish, surgeonfish and, if lucky, a manta ray or a blacktip reef shark.

How to get to Moofushi Island snorkeling area?

A 20 minutes flight in a seaplane is necessary to reach Moofushi Island from Male, Maldives’ capital city. Moofushi is a private island: the only ones enjoying its waters are guests in the luxurious hotel Constance Moofushi.

Aerial view of Moofushi Island, Maldives

Entering the water in Moofushi

You can basically explore the whole atoll (external rim and internal reefs), but it is more prudent to stay away from its western part, where waves can be strong. As always with atolls, the external side (turned towards the open sea) is home to more aquatic life. It is also the only place where bigger pelagic species such as manta rays can be seen.

One of the most accessible and nice areas to explore on Moofushi is located around the seaplanes pontoon. Enter the water from the beach and swim towards the reef’s edge.

Moofushi Island snorkeling map, Maldives

Snorkeling tips to better enjoy Moofushi submarine life

For the nicest experience, you will swim along the several-hundred-meters long reef drop-off. The reef is mainly made of stony coral, including lots of acropora in which hundreds of blue chromis and red anthias like to hide. In this area you will see many sea anemones inhabited by small groups of Maldives clownfish.

Snorkeling with sea turtles at Moofushi Island, Maldives

Turtles (usually hawksbill sea turtles) often pay a visit to the reef drop-off; they are quite easy to spot here.

Keep the pontoon at a distance and don’t go further than the drop-off. If you want to snorkel elsewhere around the island, ask the reception clerk for advice. You will be oriented to the best suited spots depending on sea conditions.

Coral reef snorkeling at Moofushi Island, Maldives

Restaurants and accommodation in Moofushi Island

All Constance Moofushi guests enjoy full board accommodation.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth2ft/0.5m on the reef flat, 30ft/9m on the drop off
  • Water entranceEasy, from a sandy beach
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersLow
  • Access costsFree (for resort's guests)
  • Restaurants nearbyYes
  • Public toilets & showersYes

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