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Wedged between two cliffs and shaded by lush vegetation, this exquisite black sand beach is one of Martinique’s most beautiful. This remote and untouched beach is located at the northernmost point of the island, at the foot of La Montagne Pelée volcano. Underwater, you will be likely to spot angelfish, moray eels and butterflyfish swimming between the sea fans bending gracefully in the current.

Anse Couleuvre beach snorkeling, Martinique

How to get to Anse Couleuvre snorkeling spot?

Anse Couleuvre (meaning “Grass Snake Cove”) is located on the Caribbean side of Martinique, some 40km north of Fort de France (1 hour by car). From Fort de France, take the N2 to Saint-Pierre, then the D10 to Le Prêcheur. Once in Le Prêcheur, follow the road north for a few kilometers.

The small road becomes narrow and winding. At the very end of the road, you will find a small parking lot (quickly full during the weekends). Park here and walk to the beach, which can be reached via a 10-minutes’ walk through a tropical forest (well signposted).

Anse Couleuvre snorkeling map, Martinique

How to get into the water to snorkel Anse Couleuvre?

Walk north up the beach and get into the water in front of the rocky area, which is the best for snorkeling. This spot is sometimes subject to waves or currents, do not enter the water if the sea is rough.

Anse Couleuvre snorkeling tips

You can basically explore the whole bay, but we advise you to focus on the reef area bordering the north end of the beach (↕3-10ft/1-3m).

The seabed is mostly rocky, and large numbers of multi-colored sea fans and quite a few soft and hard coral species have colonized it. Sponges and sabella complete this underwater garden.

Snorkeling with spotted moray eel at Anse Couleuvre, Martinique
A spotted moray chasing on the reef at Anse Couleuvre.

You might see dozens of fish species on the reef, particularly boxfish, needlefish, wrasse, butterflyfish and, with a little luck, the stunning French angelfish. Moray eels, some of them quite friendly, also inhabit the rocky seabed.

In the deeper areas, you might spot a green sea turtle, although you’ll have far better chances to see one in Anse Dufour and Anse Noire.

Sea fan reef at Anse Couleuvre, Martinique snorkeling
Huge sea fans photographed on the reef slopes.

Anse Ceron, another beautiful black sand beach where snorkeling is possible when the sea is calm, is located 1.5 kilometers south of Anse Couleuvre.

Restaurants and accommodation nearby

A bar restaurant set behind the beach sells beverages and snacks during holidays.


  • Level required Beginner
  • Maximum depth5m/16ft
  • Water entranceEasy, from a sandy beach
  • Potential DangersWave and currents
  • LifeguardNo
  • Visitor numbersMedium
  • Access costsFree
  • Public toilets & showersNo

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