Blue Bay

On an island where the lagoons have been badly damaged and heavily fished, Blue Bay is an exception. This little bay, which has been listed as a Marine Park since 1997, contains superb coral beds and abundant undersea life that is unequalled in Mauritius.
How to get there?

To explore Blue Bay, you can either take a boat or get into the water from the public beach. While the first option costs money, it is still the only way to reach the finest areas of the reef, which are far from the beach, in complete safety. But in any case the areas accessible from the beach are far from disappointing.

To reach Blue Bay from anywhere on the island, head for Mahébourg, a town with 15,000 inhabitants, and just a few miles from the airport. If you don't have a car, you will have no trouble reaching Mahébourg by bus or taxi. From Mahébourg, it only takes a few minutes by taxi or you can opt for a (very pleasant) 45-minute walk along the coast, via Pointe d'Esny, to reach your destination.

Water entrance

If you are exploring the spot from the shore, go to the far west of the public beach of Blue Bay, where the white sand gives way to rocks. This is the best place to enter the water, since the reef is nearby. If you take a boat, your guide will show you where to get into the water.

Aerial view


The zone to explore is opposite the Blue Bay public beach. The western part has the richest coral, and little by little gives way to the sandy areas towards the east. The limit to the authorised bathing area is shown by buoys. Beyond that, the presence of a large number of boats makes snorkeling dangerous.

The depth of the water (15-20ft/5-6m) is the same in all the reef area. The large, branched and table coral beds covering the ocean floor have earned Blue Bay its reputation. Dozens of fuchsia mushroom corals cover the sea bed in places.

Vast shoals of convict surgeonfish (several hundreds) continually criss-cross the reef. Parrotfish, Moorish idols, damselfish and sergeant major fish are some of the species that are easy to see in this spot.

In 2013, murky waters invaded Blue Bay on several occasions for reasons that have not been clearly identified. A number of hypotheses (mud from a neighbouring worksite, a rise in water temperature, pollution or fertilisers poured into the sea) were put forward. Today, life is back in the area, although it will probably take some time for the reef's former glory to be restored.

Restaurants & accommodation

The Shandrani Resort and Spa and the Blue Lagoon Beach Hotel, on either side of the bay, have direct access to the snorkeling spot. In the village of Blue Bay, in the streets closest to the beach, you will find quite a wide choice of food and accommodation. You often find food sellers (fruits, samoussas) on the beach, too.

Snorkeling Report gives the most precise tips possible about the snorkeling spots and potential dangers, but each one of us is responsible for our own safety in the water. For more information, take a look at the snorkeling safety page. If you want to add extra information or make any corrections to the spot descriptions, please contact us.

Spot’s weather forecasts (°C)

Spot tips

  • Type of spot
  • Level of difficulty
    Intermediary level
  • Protected area
  • Maximum depth
    20ft (6m)
  • Water entrance
    Easy, from a sandy beach (or from a boat)
  • Potential Dangers
    Usual precautions
  • Lifeguard
  • Visitor numbers
  • Access costs
    Free or excursion price (approx. 500Rs/$20 pp.)
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Public toilets & showers

Spot map

Spot photos

Underwater spot photos

Species you may spot while snorkeling Blue Bay

Common name Scientific name Abundance Fishbase Wikipedia
Threadfin butterflyfish
Chaetodon auriga
Threebanded butterflyfish
Chaetodon humeralis
Vagabond butterflyfish
Chaetodon vagabundus
Chevron butterflyfish
Chaetodon trifascialis
Raccoon butterflyfish
Chaetodon lunula
Yellowhead butterflyfish
Chaetodon xanthocephalus
Reef needlefish
Strongylura incisa
Green Chromis
Chromis viridis
Whitetail dascyllus
Dascyllus aruanus
Indo-Pacific sergeant
Abudefduf vaigiensis
Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma hardwicke
Bluestreak cleaner wrasse
Labroides dimidiatus
Lagoon triggerfish
Rhinecanthus aculeatus
Chinese trumpetfish
Aulostomus chinensis
Tripletail wrasse
Cheilinus trilobatus
Convict surgeonfish
Acanthurus triostegus
Moorish idol
Zanclus cornutus
Emperor angelfish
Pomacanthus imperator
spot-specie 17428
spot-specie 17427
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  • Borriez

    Can anyone tell me what the state of the coral is at the moment. If 95% of the coral has died, is it worth it to visit Blue Bay for snorkeling?

  • brummell

    it has indeed lost its former state a marine park and removed from the Ramsard sites list . Your best bet is Mahebourg bay , which is 10 minutes away !