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Nigel has 40 year’s experience as a marine biologist and spent his career assessing environmental impacts due to coastal activities.  Since retiring he has devoted his time to snorkeling, and has turned his collection of marine life photographs into leaflets and posters for holiday resorts, as well as running a snorkelling focussed website.

His favourite destination?  Anywhere in the Indo-Pacific!  His most memorable snorkelling locations?  Wakatobi in Indonesia, for sheer diversity of marine life; the varied habitats of Caneel Bay in the USVI, and finally a stunningly beautiful Acropora reef (with sharks) off Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

Nigel has partnered his website with, and will continue to target the world’s best resorts for snorkelling. He also brings his detailed experience of marine life identification to the mix.

For each spot added by Nigel, a more extensive collection of species images can be found on his website.

Batu Batu (Pulau Tengah)
Shoal Bay Beach
L’Anse Aux Epines
Komodo Resort
Grand Anse Artificial Reef
Aquarium Beach
Preston Bay
Cayman Islands
Point of Sand
Cayman Islands
Southern Cross Club & Owen Island
Cayman Islands
Pinewood Beach
Club Med Seychelles
Caneel Bay
US Virgin Islands
Galley Bay
Antigua and Barbuda
Port Launay
Wakatobi Resort
Chileno Bay
Cayo Levantado
Dominican Republic
Sugar Beach
Saint Lucia
West Bay
Batu Batu (Pulau Tengah) (Malaysia)

Garden Bay (Egypt)

Shoal Bay Beach (Anguilla)

Komodo Resort (Indonesia)

L’Anse Aux Epines (Grenada)

Grand Anse Artificial Reef (Grenada)

Aquarium Beach (Grenada)

Preston Bay (Cayman Islands)

Point of Sand (Cayman Islands)

Southern Cross Club & Owen Island (Cayman Islands)

Plage de la Palud (South France)

Calanque du Four à Chaux (South France)

Hilton Moorea (Tahiti and the Society Islands)

Pinewood Beach (Kenya)

Club Med Seychelles (Seychelles)

West Bay (Roatán)

Sugar Beach (Saint Lucia)

Anse Chastanet (Saint Lucia)

Chileno Bay (Mexico)

Port Launay (Seychelles)

Wakatobi Resort (Indonesia)

Caneel Bay (US Virgin Islands)

Galley Bay (Antigua and Barbuda)

Cayo Levantado (Dominican Republic)

Palm Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)