With their bright colors and spectacular patterns, angelfish are among the jewels of the coral reef. They are peaceable, colorful, elegant and sociable, and you will never tire of watching and photographing them. Most species radically change in appearance when they mature. Over 80 species of angelfish populate the warm waters of the planet. Check out our top 10 snorkeling spots to see angelfish!

WEST BAY Roatán #1

The crystal-clear waters of West Bay host several species of Caribbean angelfish. While you are exploring, you will have no trouble coming across grey angelfish, French angelfish and, above all, superb queen angelfish, the real stars of the Caribbean reefs.

Angelfish are found on many spots in Roatan, you can also try to see them at Lighthouse Point and Half Moon Bay.

BAIE LAZARE Seychelles #2

The Baie Lazare reef is full of angelfish . If the semicircle angelfish is inevitable, you can also observe the emperor angelfish or the threespot angelfish. Seychelles is one of the best places in the world to observe semicircle angelfish.

They are present on almost all spots of Mahe, for example at Anse Soleil or Anse Royale.

KICKER ROCK Galápagos Islands #3

Usually, angelfish are seen alone or by pairs on the reefs. Kicker Rock, a jagged rock towering above San Cristóbal Island’s northern coast, is home to a wonderful scene: there, king angelfish are schooling by dozens in the most sheltered areas.

VELIDHU Maldives #4

Several species of angelfish, among the most beautiful in the world, live in the Velidhu atoll. The most common species on this spot are the queen angelfish, the emperor angelfish and the blueface angelfish, and it is not uncommon to observe all of them during a single session.


At a short distance from Mayotte, Ilots Choizil are a true tropical treasure. Underwater, you will easily come across colorful emperor angelfish and queen angelfish.

These species are found on many spots in Mayotte, particularly at Ilot de Sable Blanc du Nord or N’Gouja.

GREEN ISLAND Queensland #6

The sixbar angelfish (Pomacanthus sexstriatus) is the most common angelfish in the Great Barrier Reef region. To meet him, we recommend you to get to Green Island, which is one of the most accessible snorkeling spots from Cairns.


The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is full of little rocky and sunny creeks. But did you know that you can also see two marvelous species of angelfish, the Cortez angelfish and the king angelfish?

You can observe Angelfish in most snorkeling spots on the Pacific coast, for example, at La Penca or Bahia Pez Vela.

RAS UM SID Egypt #8

Royal Angelfish is certainly one of the most beautiful fish of the Red Sea. By its bright colors, it rarely goes unnoticed! Come out to meet this specie, as well as the Emperor angelfish, on the reef drop-off of Ras Um Sid, in Sharm el-Sheikh. These two species of angelfish can be observed in many spots on the Red Sea coastline of Egypt.

BOUCAN CANOT Réunion Island #9

Boucan Canot is the only site on Réunion Island where you can safely swim outside the lagoons and natural pools. On the reef you will find the colorful emperor angelfish, that is difficult to observe elsewhere on the island.


Boca Catalina have everything snorkelers could wish for: a pristine sea, a nice shallow coral reefs, green sea turtles… and the best close-up with French angelfish opportunities in Aruba.