With about 12 miles (20km) of coastline on the Red Sea, in the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling. Although it is less popular with visitors than other destinations in the region (first and foremost, Egypt), Jordan has well preserved reefs with the lowest visitor numbers.

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Protected from the ocean currents, the waters of the Red Sea are particularly calm and enjoy high temperatures. These conditions have led to the development of a wealth of undersea life, dominated by soft coral, and with a high percentage of species only to be found here. With over 200 species of coral (8% endemic), over 1000 species of fish (17% endemic) and 1000 species of invertebrates, the waters of Jordan offer an endless spectacle to visitors.

Snorkeling Report Jordan Red Sea
Petra, coral reef at Aqaba Marine Park, and the Wadi Rum desert

In the midst of the luxuriant coral, you will have no trouble coming across clownfish in their sea anemone, surgeonfish, moray eels and graceful lionfish. The gentleness of the waves, the excellent visibility and the proximity of the reef drop-offs from the beaches all add to the quality and simplicity of snorkeling here.
When to go to Jordan?

Snorkeling is possible all the year round in Jordan, where the water temperature is relatively constant, around 77°F (25°C). The climate, which is dry and hot in this part of Jordan near the Arabian desert, becomes sweltering from mid-June to mid-September, when the temperatures can get up to 105°F (40°C). In winter, snorkeling can be trickier because of the wind and the air temperature, which is cooler (don’t forget your rash guard). April, May, September and October are the best months to explore the region.

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Where to spot them?

Red Sea clownfish

Common on all spots, mainly on reef drop offs

Common lionfish

Common on all spots

Sohal surgeonfish

Common on all spots

Green sea turtle

Uncommon, take your chance on reef drop offs

Klunzinger’s wrasse

On all spots

Diagonal butterflyfish

On all spots

Blacktail butterflyfish

On all spots

Eritrean butterflyfish

On all spots

White-spotted puffer

On all spots

Snowflake moray

On all spots