Lac Bay

The south part of Lac Bay, in front of Sorobon Beach, is made of a shallow lagoon with translucent waters, partially enclosed by a coral reef. With its staghorn coral colonies and reef areas full of marine life, it is one of Bonaire’s best snorkeling spots. Nevertheless, the swimming distance between the shore and the coral areas can make snorkeling Lac Bay quite challenging.
How to get there?

This spot is located on the south end of the island of Bonaire, 14km from Kralendijk. From Kralendijk, head south on Kaminda Sorobon Road or Kaya IR. Randolph Statius van Eps, south of the airport. Follow the Sorobon Beach Wellness & Windsurf Resort signs. A parking lot is available at the very end of the road.

Water entrance

The best option is to enter the water some 200m before Sorobon Beach Resort, when arriving from main road. On the shore, you will find a fishing hut, which is a good landmark. It is generally not possible to start snorkeling from the shore, as the water is too shallow (↕1-2ft/0.5m). If this is the case, you will have to walk for about 250 meters to reach the snorkeling area (see map below).

It is also possible to swim to the spot directly from Sorobon Beach Resort, but we do not recommend this option, as you will partially cross the windsurfing area.

Aerial view


The area to explore covers a strip of about 150m wide along the inner side of the barrier reef. The depth of the water is the same throughout the area (↕5ft/1.5m).

As you’ll move away from the snorkeling entry point pointed on the map, you’ll cross 250 meters or so of sandy seabed before reaching the first coral areas. In the sandy beds, you may spot young barracudas and tarpons chasing in schools of silver plankton-feeding fish, trunkfish, parrotfish and, with any luck, eagle ray.

The first coral area is made of different species of hard coral, sponges and gorgonian, but you will find many of them broken or dead. Despite this, a good variety of reef fish can be spotted in the area, such as different species of wrasse (bluehead, yellowhead), blue tang, butterflyfish and trumpetfish. Some immature green and hawksbill sea turtles are sometimes resting in the area.

Staghorn coral at Lac Bay

Keep swimming for 100 meters and you will soon see the first staghorn coral colonies. This aggregation of staghorn coral is approximately 300 meters long and 50 meters wide, running perpendicularly to the reef enclosing the lagoon. The coral is healthy, and seems to have recovered from last decade hurricanes. The branches of this coral are particularly vulnerable to errant fin kicks, so be careful when snorkeling around.

You will probably be surprised by the clearness of the water, highlighted by the white sand. The shallow waters make this an ideal spot for underwater photography.

Snorkeling Lac Bay require a good physical condition, as you will have to walk for 250m and swim for 350 meters to reach the best reef areas and back, which can be challenging. Pay attention to windsurfers, who are numerous in the bay.

Restaurants and accommodation

Sorobon Beach, Wellness & Windsurf Resort, overlooking Lac Bay, is very close to the spot. It is open for non-guests for lunch.

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