Aharen Beach

Located on Tokashiki Island, Aharen beach is the cheapest and easiest snorkeling excursion within the Kerama Shoto National Park boundaries. With its clownfish, butterflyfish, bright corals, giant clams and hundred of other marine species, Aharen gives a fine glimpse of Okinawa’s reef life.
How to get there?

Naha will probably be your first step in Okinawa: it is also the departure point to Tokashiki Island. Head to Tomari harbor, it is close to the city center (the nearest monorail stop is Miebashi (美栄橋); you will then have to walk for about about 10 minutes to the jetty). There are several options to reach the Kemara archipelago. The express boat is most convenient (35 minutes, round trip about $40) but you might prefer the cheaper ferry (70 minutes, round trip about $25). Schedules depend on the season. Be careful, as there can sometimes be only one or two round trips per day.

The easiest way to reach Aharen beach from Tokashiki island jetty is the bus shuttle waiting for passengers each time a boat arrives (about 20 minutes, Y400/single trip). You can also rent a vehicle or take one of the island’s rare taxis. Aharen is a tiny village, you will have no trouble finding its adjacent beach.

Water entrance

Our advice: enter the water on the western part of the beach, on your right when facing the sea.

Aerial view


When you leave the beach you will first swim across monotonous sandy areas (0.5-1m), then reach the reef area (3-12ft/1-4m). Water depth increases significantly beyond the reef.

Aharen beach reefs are overall well preserved, although some areas have regrettably decayed. In the best preserved areas, coral formations build delicate shaped, bright colored gardens. Underwater life thrives in them: fluorescent blue damselfish swimming above coral, couples of butterflyfish, Moorish idols, giant clams nesting in crevices… Several clownfish species can be spotted in the area. You are most likely to see the red clown fish, which is not afraid of shallow areas (depth from 1m). However, if you love those fascinating fishes, head instead to Furuzamami Beach where they literally abound.

Snorkeling Report Aharen Okinawa Clownfish
Tomato clownfish at Aharen Beach, Kerama Islands, Japan

Most of the time Aharen bay is sheltered from waves and currents, hence it is ideal for beginners. Mind the boat channel before entering the water: it is located on the spot’s central part, on the left side of the swimming area when facing the sea.

Restaurants and accommodation

Located on the rear side of the beach, close to the bus stop, Aharen village gathers several restaurants and cheap accommodation options.

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Species you may spot while snorkeling Aharen Beach

Common name Scientific name Abundance Fishbase Wikipedia
Tomato clownfish
Amphiprion frenatus
Clark anemonefish
Amphiprion clarkii
Pink skunk clownfish
Amphiprion perideraion
Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma hardwicke
Scissortail sergeant
Abudefduf sexfasciatus
Moorish idol
Zanclus cornutus
Melon butterflyfish
Chaetodon trifasciatus
Blackback butterflyfish
Chaetodon melannotus
Threadfin butterflyfish
Chaetodon auriga
Green birdmouth wrasse
Gomphosus caeruleus
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