Our Top 3 best snorkeling spots to see dolphins

Snorkeling with dolphins in the open sea is the dream of many people. There are several spots in the world where you have great chances to see dolphins in the wild while snorkeling. Make for Hawaii or the Red Sea to experience what could be one of your very best underwater memories!


Pod of spinner dolphins at Sataya Reef, Egypt
Spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) in Sataya Reef. – picture shared by JC Mara

Who has never dreamed of swimming on the surface of a turquoise sea, surrounded by dozens of playful dolphins, in the wild? Sataya Reef (aka “Dolphin House”), located off the Egyptian Riviera, is simply one of the best places in the world to live this unique experience.


Pod of spinner dolphins at Samadai Reef, Egypt
A pod of dozens of spinner dolphins found shelter at Samadai Reef. – picture shared by Lesli

Shaab Samadai (Samadai Reef) is one of the most famous snorkeling spots in Marsa Alam. It owes its popularity to the pod of spinner dolphins that have settled around the reef, and they can be seen in the area almost every day. Tours for Shaab Samadai depart from Marsa Alam and generally include two snorkeling locations on the same day: the first to the deep areas where dolphins are usually found, and the second to the adjacent beautiful coral reefs.


Pod of spinner dolphins at Two Step, Hawaii
Spinner dolphins enjoy Honaunau Bay’s sheltered waters. – picture by Guillaume from Snorkeling Report’s team

If you visit Hawaii and enjoy snorkeling, you must go to Big Island. Two Step spot, in Honaunau Bay, is visited almost daily by small pods of spinner dolphins. You might also spot them at Captain Cook Monument, but less frequently.

This top3 has been selected only from the +380 locations already on our map. If you know a snorkeling spot that is not yet on the map, send us your report and it may be selected to appear on this page!