Tahiti Plage

written in collaboration with jmf38 (3 spots)

Tahiti Plage (Tahiti Beach) shares the same features as much more famous N’Gouja spot, but it is much quieter. Its reef drop-off is rich with life and well preserved and spotting green sea turtles is common.
How to get there?

Tahiti Beach is located on the west coast of the island, less than 2 kilometers south of Sada. By car, from Mamoudzou and the north, follow the RN2 (Route Nationale 2) to Sada. Once you’ve arrived in Sada, head south on CCD5 for about 1.5 kilometer. The beach, located approximately 30 meters from the main road, is well signposted on the right (“Tahiti Plage”).

Water entrance

You can enter the water anywhere along the sandy beach. At low tide, because of the shallowness of the water, you’ll have to sneak between the corals to reach the reef drop-off.

Aerial view


The area to explore covers a wide area between the beach and the reef drop-off some 200 meters away. From the beach, you will cross a few dozen yards of sand (↕4-8ft/1-2m), and then the seabed is covered with coral (↕4-10ft/1-3m) as far as the reef drop-off (↕30ft/10m).

Although there are some interesting fish species to observe on the reef flat (colorful sixbar wrasse, couples of melon butterflyfish…), the spectacle takes on another dimension when you get closer to the reef drop-off. The sea bed here is spectacular: hundreds of green chromis and sulfur damselfish swimming along the reef, giant clam opening its shell and extending its fluorescent mantle tissue, black-sided hawkfish perched on coral prominences and waiting for their next prey…

Snorkeling Report Tahiti Beach Mayotte
Green sea turtle at Tahiti Plage © photo credit JM Francillon

Look at the skunk clownfish disappearing into the tentacles of their sea anemones at the least sign of danger. In this area, like elsewhere in Mayotte Island, you might come across green sea turtles, which come to the area regularly. However, if you love those fascinating and friendly creatures, head instead to N’Gouja where they literally abound.

There are sometimes a lot of visitors on this site, especially during week-ends, for traditional “woulé” (picnic on the beach), and on weekdays for sunset.

Restaurants and accommodation

There is a small café located between the road and the beach. In the village of Sada, 1 mile north to Tahiti Plage, you will find quite a wide choice of food.

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Spot tips

  • Type of spot
  • Level of difficulty
    All levels
  • Maximum depth
    10ft (3m) on the reef flat, 30ft (10m) on the reef drop-off
  • Water entrance
    From a sandy beach. A bit tricky at low tide.
  • Lifeguard
  • Visitor numbers
  • Access costs
  • Restaurants nearby
    Yes, budget
  • Public toilets & showers

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Species you may spot while snorkeling Tahiti Plage

Common name Scientific name Abundance Fishbase Wikipedia
Green sea turtle
Chelonia mydas
Skunk clownfish
Amphiprion akallopisos
Green Chromis
Chromis viridis
Sulphur damsel
Pomacentrus sulfureus
Sea goldie
Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma hardwicke
Giant clam
Tridacna sp.
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