Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is a narrow cove enclosed by rocky cliffs, located on the west end of Curacao. It is known to be the best snorkeling spot on the island to swim with green sea turtles, although the turtles visit the bay randomly. You will have the best chances of spotting them in the morning.
How to get there?

Lagun is a fishing village nestled of the west coast of Curacao, some 3 miles/5 kilometers south to Westpunt and 38km north to Willemstad. Rental car is the best way to reach the beach, but a public bus service is also available. It will drop you off just a few meters from Playa Lagun.

Water entrance

Enter the water from the beach.

Aerial view


The area to explore covers the whole 30-meters wide cove. More experienced snorkelers can drift along the cliffs outside the cove, but the depth is important (↕18ft/6m) and this area is exposed to the open sea.

This spot is made up of a gentle sandy slope, peppered with small rocks and coral bommies. The depth ranges between 3ft/1m along the beach and 18ft/6m at the mouth of the cove. The rocky edges of the bay, on both right and left sides, offers the best fish sightings. Green moray eels can be seen protruding from some of the small crevices, and snappers, wrasse, parrotfish and butterflyfish are common along the cliffs, overgrown with hard corals and sea fans.

Snorkeling Playa Lagun Curaçao
Underwater landscape at Playa Lagun

Massive schools of thousands of silver-colored juvenile fish find shelter in the cove at certain times of the year. Bar jacks and Bluefin trevally are frequently seen chasing in the schools, making it a perfect subject for underwater photography.

In the central part of the cove, you can expect to spot green sea turtles. They are generally resting on the seabed (↕10-15ft/3-5m), enjoying the shelter of the bay. Some days, 2 or 3 turtles are present in Playa Lagun and some other day, you will not spot any. Avoid the weekends (when the beach is busy with locals and tourists) if you want to get the best chances to see them.

Restaurants and accommodation

There are several accommodation available in Playa Lagun. The Lagun Blou Resort, the Lagoon Ocean Resort and the Bahia Apartments & Diving are overlooking the bay. You will find in Westpunt, some 3mi/5km north to Lagun, a wide choice of restaurants.

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    Easy, from a sandy beach
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    Low to medium
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