Lac Cai

Lac Cai is the northern tip of the inlet of Lac Bay. This sheltered area, close to the open sea, has extensive seagrass beds that are home to sea turtles. Lac Cai is one of the best spots in Bonaire to snorkel with turtles, but due to the currents present in the bay, it is not recommended for beginners.
How to get there?

Most of visitors reach Lac Cai by car. From Kralendijk city center, follow the road to Sorobon (Kaya Nikiboko Zuid, then Kaminda Sorobon). After a few kilometers, turn left, following the sign “Lac Cai/Mangrove Info Center”. The road is unpaved, but suitable for all vehicles, and offers very nice views of the mangrove and salt ponds. Keep driving until the very end of the road, where you will reach a parking lot. The spot is located in front of the parking, behind the boats moored in the bay.

Water entrance

Enter the water in the mooring area, between the queen conch piles, and swim between the boats to reach the seagrass beds.

Aerial view


First, be aware that on this spot, you will have to deal with currents. Main current tend to carry you to the pass (to the left when you are facing the sea) which is a dangerous area (waves, boats entering the bay, risk of being carried out to the open sea). For this reason, the National Park recommends this area to be snorkeled with a certified guide. However, many snorkelers do not follow this recommendation. Whatever option you choose, you must be very cautious not to let you drift by the currents to the pass.

The seagrass beds (↕2-3m), visited by green sea turtles all year round, begin just behind the mooring area, and extend for several dozen meters. By snorkeling the area, you should not have to wait too long before seeing them. You can sometimes come across groups of two or three, feeding on the seafloor. Do not disturb or touch the turtles, and keep a distance when they are coming up to the surface to breath.

Green sea turtle at Lac Cai

Snorkelers come essentially to Lac Cai to observe the sea turtles, but you may also have a chance to spot the Queen Conch (strombus gigas), an impressive -but endangered- species, protected in Bonaire. It is prohibited to touch or catch them.

Because of the currents and the sediment present in the lagoon, be aware that visibility is some days very poor on this spot, which can be frustrating.

Restaurants and accommodation

The Lac Bay Bar, where you can have lunch or get snacks/drinks, is facing the spot. It is the only restauration option on site.

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