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The shoreline of Solenzara, a small village of eastern Corsica, is made of a series of small rocky beaches ideal for snorkeling. Its sandy slopes, rocky points and Neptune grass beds are home to a varied marine life, including shoals of salema porgy and seabream, several species of wrasse, octopus and sea anemones.
How to get there?

The snorkeling spot is located at the edge of Solenzara, a quiet seaside town situated on the eastern coast of Corsica, 35km north of Porto Vecchio and 100km south of Bastia. It stretches along the village seafront, just south of the marina. There are some access paths between the villas to reach the shore from the coastal road.

Water entrance

Enter the water from the beach.

Aerial view


Solenzara seabed is made of a sandy slope with some rocks outcroppings and posidonia patches. In the clear water off the rocky points between the small beaches, you will find a wide variety of colorful fish and other marine creatures. These rocky areas provide shelter for shoals of common two-banded seabream, salema porgy, sargo and damselfish. Grey mullet are frequently seen darting over the sandy beds.

Shoal of common two-banded seabream at Solenzara

Solenzara, with pristine waters and almost no currents, is a perfect snorkeling spot for kids and beginners. Its localization (at the edge of the village) makes it a very accessible spot if you are staying for a few days in Solenzara.

Restaurants and accommodation

You will find in the village (mainly in the main street and around the marina) a wide choice of snacks, restaurants and accommodation. A supermarket is set behind the beach (see map).

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