Plage du Souffleur

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With its stretch of golden sand edged by seagrape and coconut trees, the Plage du Souffleur is one of the nicest beaches in Guadeloupe, and is much appreciated by families. Its calm and crystal clear waters makes it a perfect site for snorkeling. Underwater, you will be likely to spot triggerfish, butterflyfish, starfish, lobsters and -hopefully- a stingray flying graciously above the seabed.
How to get there?

The Plage du Souffleur is located in Port-Louis, a fishermen village settled of the northwest coast of Grande Terre, the eastern part of Guadeloupe island. From Pointe-à-Pitre, take the N5 to Morne-à-l’Eau, and then the N6 to Port-Louis (30km/50 minutes by car). The beach is at the north end of the village, close to the cemetery. A large parking area is available nearby.

Water entrance

Walk north up the beach and get into the water at the end of it. You will be closer to the best area for snorkeling, which is located in front of the cemetery.

Aerial view


You can basically explore the whole bay, but the area in front of the beach is mostly sandy, and poor in sea life. For this reason, we advise you to focus on the reef area bordering the cemetery, at the north end of the beach (↕3-10ft/1-3m).

Snorkeling Plage du Souffleur Guadeloupe
Aerial view of the spot

Restaurants and accommodation

In the area, the seabed is mostly rocky, and quite a few soft and hard coral species, as well as sponges, have colonized it. You might see dozens of fish species on the reef, particularly boxfish, needlefish, wrasse, butterflyfish and triggerfish. Numerous black sea urchins also inhabit the rocky seabed; be careful if you need to put your feet on the floor. In the deeper areas, you might spot a stingray, although there is much less likelihood of this here than in Petite Terre.

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    Easy, from a sandy beach
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    Sea urchins, jet-skis
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    Yes, budget

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