Ilot de Sable Blanc du Sud

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The Ilot de Sable Blanc du Sud (Southern white-sand islet) lies off the southeast coast of Mayotte. Surrounded by coral and sandy seabed, it offers a nice range of environments and varied marine life: butterflyfish, blue sea stars, giant clams and, if you’re lucky, an encounter with a Royal or Emperor angelfish.
How to get there?

The Southern Sable Blanc islet is located on the barrier reef that surrounds Mayotte, to the southwest of the island, approximately 1 kilometer from Pointe Saziley. It is only reachable by boat. Keep in mind that there are two white-sand islets in Mayotte: the second (Ilot de Sable Blanc du Nord) is in the northeast of the lagoon, near Mtsamboro islet. This is one of the most popular excursions in Mayotte, and you will have no trouble finding guides or fishermen (mainly from Nyambadao) to take you.

Water entrance

You can enter the water anywhere along the shore, but we recommend, because of the proximity to the reef, choosing the west side of the islet (facing the main island).

Aerial view


The area to explore covers a wide area all around the islet. Near the islet, the water is shallow (↕4-8ft/1-2m), the seabed is mostly sandy, and the coral is rare, but you can still observe many fish species. You will need to go further (60 meters away west from the islet) to reach the coral areas (↕8-16ft/2-5m). The coral covering is not exceptional but relatively well preserved. In places, you will observe impressive table coral. It is easy to observe and get close to many fish species. Surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and pufferfish are easy to spot, and, with a little more perseverance, spectacular Emperor or Royal angelfish.

Snorkeling Report southern-sable-blanc-islet
Southern Sable Blanc islet © credit photo JM Francillon

Move along the reef, but without drifting too far away from the islet, and watch out for boats, which can arrive in numbers at certain times of day. Follow the instructions of your tour guide, who can advise you on what to do depending on the conditions.

Restaurants and accommodation

No food or water is available for purchase on the islet. The tour organizers generally provide meals and drinks – ask them for more details.

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    Easy, form a sandy islet
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Species you may spot while snorkeling Ilot de Sable Blanc du Sud

Common name Scientific name Abundance Fishbase Wikipedia
Green Chromis
Chromis viridis
Threadfin butterflyfish
Chaetodon auriga
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