Anse Petite Cour

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Anse Petite Cour is a small beach nested in Praslin Island’s north coast, with a gorgeous view upon Curieuse Island. This little piece of Heaven also is a renowned snorkeling spot. Getting there requires organization, since the beach is privatized by a luxurious hotel, but the spot is worth the effort. Underwater life includes numerous species typical from Seychellois reefs including butterflyfish and surgeonfish – and the background is just splendid.
How to get there?

Anse Petite Cour is located on Praslin Island’s north coast, along the road leading from Anse Volbert and the village of Côte d’Or to Anse Lazio. The beach is privately owned by Domaine de la Réserve, a luxurious hotel, which is its only entry point. Theoretically, the beach is open to visitors but their number can be limited during busy periods. We advise you to pay a phone call to the hotel before coming to ensure you can access the site.

From Côte d’Or, it is only a few minutes car drive to Anse Petite Cour (less than 2 km separate the beach from the village) but it can be hard to park onsite: the hotel parking lot is for residents only. If you’re lucky enough to travel through the Seychelles on a boat, you can also get to the beach from the sea.

Water entrance

Anse Petite Cour is a small beach (less than 200 meters long), and half of it disappears at high tide. Enter the water wherever you like from the sandy beach.

Aerial view


The whole bay can be explored. It is not sheltered by a coral reef, unlike many spots on Seychelles Islands, so you will be free to venture as far as you like towards the open sea. The seabed deepens steadily, down to about 6 meters on the center of the bay.

Corals cover the seabed, their quality is globally fine but they can be altered in places. Branch coral gather and make up beautiful, iridescent blue clumps. Many species can be seen on the reef, including several species of butterflyfish (notably melon butterflyfish). During your exploration you will also effortlessly come across bluefin trevally and bluespotted cornetfish. Want some more challenge? Try to find a small grouper or an octopus almost perfectly hiding in the rocky areas.

Snorkeling at Anse Petite Cour, Praslin, Seychelles
Melon butterflyfish at Anse Petite Cour, Praslin © photo credit Martine Mas

Anse Petite Cour is a deep-sided bay; hence it is generally sheltered from waves and strong currents. Don’t get out of the swimming area: boats often come and go at the bay entrance.

Restaurant and accommodation

The only onsite accommodation is the luxurious hotel Domaine de la Réserve, whose restaurant is open to non-residents if they book in advance. The village of Côte d’Or, only a few minutes’ drive from the beach, is the main touristic center of Praslin: for those who don’t have an extended budget, it is not necessary to sleep or eat at Domaine de la Réserve to enjoy this spot.

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