Top10 most beautiful beaches for snorkeling

Beach lover and snorkeling fanatic? Here are some places where you can spend the day on a beautiful beach, and have a top-quality snorkeling session from the shore. Snorkeling Report brings you its top 10 most beautiful beaches for snorkeling. Check it out!

Hanauma Bay Best beaches for snorkeling ▲ Hanauma Bay lagoon, nestling in an ancient volcano crater, is indisputably one of the finest landscapes in Hawaii. Its sandy beach is ideal for snorkeling, as you can observe a multicolored underwater life, including the green sea turtle, in conditions of optimal safety.

West Bay Roatan Best Beach Snorkeling ▲ A white sandy beach, palm trees and colorful boats on a crystal sea – West Bay is an enchantment. But the spectacle is at its finest under the water: multi-colored coral cascading in the deep blue water, parrotfish in abundance, shoals of tang and several species of angelfish, and all in exceptional visibility. West Bay is a must for snorkeling in Roatan, and certainly one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean.

Anse Lazio Seychelles Best Beaches Snorkeling ▲ Anse Lazio is frequently listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world, and is one of the sites you shouldn’t miss in the Seychelles. Ringed with palm trees and tacamahac trees, with a fine carpet of white sand, crystal-clear water of a dazzling blue – the attraction is immediate. At either end of the beach, bedecked with granite rocks, there are excellent opportunities for snorkeling.

Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea Best Beaches Snorkeling ▲ Ras Um Sid is without doubt the finest coastal landscapes of the Red Sea Riviera. Its shallow coastal lagoon, with translucent waters sheltered by a coral reef, is ideal for snorkeling. On the outer part of the reef you will find clownfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and shoals of sea goldie living above an exceptional coral wall.

Les Saintes Guadeloupe Best Beaches Snorkeling ▲ This tiny beach, situated in Les Saintes (Guadeloupe archipelago), is a little taste of paradise. In the shadow of the Pain de Sucre (Sugarloaf), its golden sand and palm trees bathe in translucent waters that are ideal for a snorkeling session.

Akumal Bay Mexico Best beach Snorkeling ▲ Akumal is the most famous and busiest snorkeling spot in the Mexican Riviera Maya. Facing a white sandy beach lined with coconut trees, its crystal-clear waters, protected by a coral reef, are the guarantee of encounters with green sea turtles.

Calanques Sormiou Marseille Best Beach Snorkeling ▲ The Calanque de Sormiou is for many people the most beautiful calanque near Marseille. Its shades of blue, the fishermen's houses and pine trees on the cliffs all charm thousands of visitors each year. Under the water, you can explore one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Mediterranean France. A large number of fish swim between the sea grass, the rocky drop-off and the pure white sandy sea bed.

Koh Nang Yuan Thailand Best Beach Snorkeling ▲ Koh Nang Yuan, with its three small, green islands connected by fine strips of white sand, is a picture postcard setting. Its crystal-clear waters are lined with granite rocks that have been polished by the waves. In the water you will see clownfish in their anemones, butterflyfish, clams and shoals of parrotfish in one of the most beautiful spots of Thailand.

Ermitage Reunion Island Best Beach Snorkeling ▲ With its shallow, crystal-clear waters sprinkled with coral and protected by a coral reef, l’Ermitage Beach is the top snorkeling spot on Réunion Island. Located on the west coast of the French island, l’Ermitage is also known for its not-to-be-missed sunsets.

Bocas del toro best beach snorkeling ▲ Golden sand, luxuriant vegetation, palm trees hanging over the turquoise Caribbean Sea... The two small islands of Cayo Zapatilla, listed as a National Park of Panama, contain probably the most beautiful beaches of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. The water is partly sheltered by a barrier reef, and guarantees fine snorkeling.

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